Crumbl Cookies adds Toffee Cake to the menu just in time for Father's Day

From Toffee Cake to a classic peanut butter cookie, this is the perfect week to head to the closest Crumbl location.
Toffee Cake, Blueberry Pancake, & More! | Crumbl
Toffee Cake, Blueberry Pancake, & More! | Crumbl / Crumbl Cookies

When it comes to sweet treats, we all know that Crumbl delivers. And just in time for Father's Day, Crumbl is once again stepping outside the cookie box with another new cake for us to fall in love with.

For the week of June 10 to 14, Crumbl is giving us a new, ooey-gooey treat in the form of a Toffee Cake. Available in two sizes, the Toffee Cake is described as "A chocolate cake soaked in melty caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream and chopped toffee pieces." This sounds like the perfect treat for any sweets lover and we definitely think this will be dad approved as well.

Of course, the new Toffee Cake is not the only new item on the menu, as there is a new cookie flavor that will have breakfast lovers rejoicing. So what is the new cookie flavor? And what else has Crumbl decided to treat us with in the lead-up to Father's Day? Read on, dear readers, to find out.

The Crumbl menu for June 10 to 14 is a sweet treat for dads, grads, and everyone in between

  • Toffee Cake
  • Blueberry Pancake Cookie (new) - According to the Crumbl Instagram post, the new Blueberry Pancake Cookie is exactly what you expect it to be. In this case, we are getting, "a warm blueberry pancake cookie topped with a blueberry buttermilk glaze and a buttercream dollop." If you love blueberries and especially blueberry pancakes, then this is one cookie you have to try this week. (Maybe go on Monday so you can take advantage of Mini Mondays with this new flavor.)
  • Ultimate Peanut Butter - If you love classic peanut butter cookies, then this might just be the cookie for you. This is a peanut butter cookie that is stuffed with even more peanut butter, while then being drizzled with a melted peanut butter sauce.
  • Mint Cookies & Cream - If you love a mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream ice cream, then this cookie is for you! This cookie gives us "a chilled cookies and cream cookie frosted with delectable mint blue buttercream." This really is the kind of cookie that seems to be channeling a summer favorite, but in a whole new way. And we love that for us! If you are a fan of mint and chocolate together, then this cookie is a must try.
  • The Kitchen Sink - If you love it all in a single bite, then you have found the ultimate cookie for you. In this case, Crumbl is giving us a cookie that has semi-sweet chocolate chips, bits of pretzels, and potato chips. This is a cookie that is all about the crunch factor combined with the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The Kitchen Sink might be a fan favorite, but for us it is just the perfect way to enjoy a bit of savory with our sweet.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk - It's a classic chocolate chunk cookie with a dash of salt on top and it is perfect for Father's Day. This is the perfect cookie to snag if you like to keep things more classic when it comes to cookies. And honestly, you can never go wrong with this flavor in your cookie box.

Crumbl is absolutely ready for Father's Day with this menu lineup and not only do we have a cake to indulge with, but the new cookie has the potential to become another fan favorite. We can't wait to hit the store on Monday so we can try it all in mini sizes and then come back for more later in the week.

What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? What are your thoughts on this week's Crumbl menu? Which cookie are you the most excited about? And what do you think of the Toffee Cake?

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