Crumbl is currently testing another new cake flavor and this is a Spring win

Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh
Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh /

If there is one thing that we can always count on when it comes to Crumbl, it is that they continue to be innovative in the kitchen. And in order to continue with the innovation, that means thinking about desserts that are not cookies.

So far in 2024 they have given us a Tres Leches Cake, a Carrot Cake, and even a Cinnamon Square. But not it sounds like they have something else in store for the cake lovers out there. According to the Instagram foodies at Snackolator, Crumbl is currently testing a new Strawberry Shortcake.

In the post from Snackolator, they reveal that the Strawberry Shortcake from Crumbl features two layers of vanilla cake as well as two layers of fresh whipped cream. Then, they are topping it with a strawberry jam that is made in house. All together, this sounds like a perfectly put together Strawberry Shortcake, and one that is perfect for Spring.

Crumbl is testing a Strawberry Shortcake at select locations

Obviously, this is just a test for now. But if what has been happening for the last few months remains the same, then we should see this cake hitting stores nationwide in just a few short weeks. And if it is anything like the carrot cake, then this will be another winner for the brand.

There is something quite fun and satisfying about a small, personal cake that comes in one of your favorite flavors. It just hits differently. And in this case, the Strawberry Shortcake is a winner even before it hits stores.

We can't wait to see if this cake lives up to the hype. Plus, we really hope it is another non-cookie addition to the rotating menu that not only does well, but also makes a comeback.

What do you think of Crumbl testing a Strawberry Shortcake? Is this one of the non-cookie desserts you will be excited to try?

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