Crumbl introduces new Mini Mondays, with returning flavors for the week of April 22 through 27

Go small or go home?
Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh
Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh /

We all know that when we walk into a Crumbl, we are about to get a giant cookie -- and a new menu of unique cookies, as well. But for the week of April 22 to 27, Crumbl is trying something different... There are no new cookies on the menu, but we are getting mini versions thanks to the brand's new Mini Mondays.

That’s right, starting this week, Crumbl will be offering both a mini version and their normal large version of the cookie. That’s because they are introducing us to Mini Mondays, a day where we can try this week’s cookie in a smaller size.

It makes sense that this week, as they introduced us to smaller versions of their cookies, they are sticking with some fan favorites. So what are the cookie flavors for this week?

Crumbl gives us a menu of favorites for April 22 to 27

This week, we are looking at a Galaxy brownie cookie, a Snickerdoodle, a confetti milkshake cookie, a caramel praline cookie, a strawberry cupcake cookie, and a classic milk chocolate chip. It’s a delicious-sounding week, and definitely one for people looking to potentially try something new or grab a favorite.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these flavors, have no fear because we have the breakdown for you.

  • Galaxy Brownie - This is a brownie cookie, that’s then covered in a fudge glaze before getting sprinkles of candy bits in rainbow colors. This is a nostalgic treat and one we can’t wait to get our hands on.
  • Snickerdoodle - For this classic flavor, we start with a vanilla sugar cookie that is then rolled in cinnamon sugar. This cookie is a classic and it sparkles.
  • Confetti Milkshake - This starts with a sugar cookie that has confetti mixed in, before being rolled in sprinkles. Then it has a topping of buttercream that is flavored like cake. Finally, they add a whipped cream topping. This is a decadent take on a milkshake in cookie form.
  • Caramel Praline - For this cookie, it starts with brown sugar that is baked with pecans. They then add a mixture of caramel and pecan on top, before finally topping it with another pecan. That's a lot of pecan magic!
  • Strawberry Cupcake - Crumbl describes this cookie as “a vanilla cupcake cookie with a heavenly swirl of strawberry cream cheese frosting, and a splash of white sprinkles.” Sounds great!
  • Milk Chocolate Chip - Finally, we have a classic. This is one you can never go wrong with and it really is just a standard milk chocolate chip that’s baked bigger.

This week’s menu may not have anything new on it, but this is still very delicious sounding. There is something for everyone, and with them offering us a mini version on Monday, even more people can enjoy the scrumptious taste of these cookies. They won't mind if I buy three of everything, right?

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