Dairy Queen announces new Nutter Butter Shake

Dairy Queen is collaborating with the iconic cookie Nutter Butter to give the world what we didn't know we needed, the Nutter Butter Shake.

Photo: Dairy Queen Reese's and Oreo Blizzard Treats.. Image Courtesy Dairy Queen
Photo: Dairy Queen Reese's and Oreo Blizzard Treats.. Image Courtesy Dairy Queen /

Usually when it comes to Dairy Queen, it's all about the Blizzard. That's what they might best be known for and the reveal of a new Blizzard of the Month is usually a cause for celebration among the brand's fans. 

However, Dairy Queen also makes a lot of other really good ice cream treats. Many of which might get swept under the massive rug that is the Blizzard and how it hogs all the attention in foodie circles. 

Don't get me wrong. The Blizzard is pretty incredible. But that being said, Dairy Queen also makes a pretty awesome milkshake too. The kind that is an enjoyable treat no matter what time of year it is or what flavor might be your favorite.

And speaking of flavors, Dairy Queen has announced a new one that is sure to have peanut butter fans jumping for joy. Say hello to the Nutter Butter Shake.

The Nutter Butter Shake will be available at Dairy Queen for a limited time. 

As any peanut butter aficionado knows, the Nutter Butter is the best peanut butter cookie you can have, hands down. The fact they are shaped like peanuts is just one of many side benefits.

Now they are collaborating with Dairy Queen to give us the Nutter Butter Shake. It includes their iconic soft serve vanilla ice cream that is then blended with peanut butter and Nutter Butter cookie pieces. How can anyone think that doesn't sound delicious?

Unfortunately fans will have a bit of a wait until they can try one because they won't be available at your local Dairy Queen until April 1. And no, this isn't some cruel April Fools joke we assure you. Just make sure you try one while you can because they will only be on the menu for a limited time. 

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