Denny’s welcomes you to Summer of Sandwiches

It’s like Jurassic Park, but instead of dinosaurs trying to eat you, it’s you trying to eat sandwiches. Also it’s nothing like Jurassic Park.
Dennys Summer of Sandwiches June 2024 - credit: Dennys
Dennys Summer of Sandwiches June 2024 - credit: Dennys /

There’s a pretty famous episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza (Jason Alexander) declares “this was supposed to be the summer of George!” Well, it may still not be the summer of George – but it is the Summer of Sandwiches at Denny’s, which is just as good. Maybe even better!

As part of this seasonal celebration of bread and things between the bread, the diner chain is introducing three new limited-time-only sammies: a Spicy Brisket Melt, a Sweet & Smoky BLT&E, and a Bacon Obsession Burger.

"This is the season where sandwiches reign supreme, perfect for enjoying during family outings or a quick bite on a busy day," said Sharon Lykins, Denny’s vice president of product innovation via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "We've infused the essence of summer into these three sandwiches, each offering the layered, bold flavors our guests crave. From the first bite, these delicious combinations are sure to delight, making them perfect for savoring at Denny's during long summer days or late-night snacking."

So what are these new sandwiches all about? Well, I’ll tell you, because frankly you probably won’t guess from the names alone.

The Spicy Brisket Melt is the wildest one, in my opinion, because – spoiler alert – it’s a breakfast sandwich. It’s got brisket burnt ends, scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, both white cheddar and American cheese, and chipotle aioli. It’s served with hash browns on the side, and while I don’t usually mix brisket with my eggs, this sounds like an amazingly delicious – and super filling – breakfast option.

The Sweet & Smoky BLT&E is very different from a Sweet & Smoky B&E*. It’s, surprise, also a breakfast sandwich, with four strips of bacon, two eggs (made to order), lettuce, tomato, and bacon jam on artisan bread. It’s once again served with hash browns, and I am personally iffy with lettuce and tomato on an egg sandwich, but I’ll try anything once.

(*A Sweet & Smoky B&E is where I get arrested for breaking and entering after slathering everyone in the house with barbecue sauce.)

There is one non-breakfast option: the Bacon Obsession Burger. It’s a burger (obviously) with two slices of white cheddar, two strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, bacon jam, on a brioche bun, served with wavy-cut fries. The Baconator it is not, but I’m never gonna turn down a good bacon burger.

The new sandwiches are available for a limited time only, until August 20, 2024.

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