Did you know Wendy's offers a fish sandwich perfect for the Lenten Season?

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The 2024 seafood season is underway and that means that in may cases, fast food chains have either introduced new fish items on their menu or they have brought back their classics. Of course, some chains, have always had at least one fish item on the menu all year long. But the real question is whether or not Wendy’s offers a fish sandwich.

Just because we think of Lent as being the main time that people are actively looking for a fish sandwich or something fish forward to eat, that doesn't mean that people don't want a fish sandwich all year long. In fact, growing up I remember my mother ordering fish sandwiches during the summer and fall.

Unlike some fast food chains, Wendy's doesn't go overboard with their fish offerings and they stick to what they are good at. That means that there is just one, simple fish sandwich on the menu (although that doesn't mean that there aren't other non-meat options to choose from during Lent).

Wendy's has the perfect fish sandwich for the 2024 seafood season

For those unfamiliar with the fish sandwich at Wendy's, it is actually a Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich and it really is as crispy and delicious as it sounds. As the menu explains, this is a "Wild caught Alaskan pollock fillet, crunchy panko breading, topped with creamy dill tartar sauce, pickles, lettuce, and American cheese."

From the panko breading to the dill tartar sauce, this is a sandwich that is built around flavor. It really is a delicious choice in a sea of fish sandwiches. When it comes to sandwiches that pack a punch without going over the top, Wendy's knows what they are doing. After all, they have long been known for their commitment to high quality products and exceptional value, even in a fast food setting.

As a fan of Wendy's, there is something satisfying about grabbing a Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich, an order of fries, and a Frosty and calling it a day. And this Lenten season, at least we know exactly where to go to get the fish we need.

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