Domino’s introduces New York Style Pizza, so you can shout “Ay, I’m walkin’ here,” in Boise or wherever

The new pizza comes in six foldable slices.
Domino's New York Style Pizza
Domino's New York Style Pizza /

Domino’s is something that I (affectionately) refer to as “candy pizza.” It’s of the genre of pies that are sweet, they’re consumable, and you can sit down and eat a whole pizza as a snack. And I say this as someone from New York, where if you attempt to eat a whole pizza, you will get a stomach ache. But good news for those of you who wish Domino’s was more like the Big Apple: the brand has announced they’re releasing New York Style Pizza.

“Domino’s prides itself on offering a variety of pizza crusts for all different tastes,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s CEO, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Our pizza chefs created this new pizza crust to allow the deliciousness of our ingredients to shine through. It has the perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings in every bite, making it the star of the show. New York Style Pizza may become our customers’ new favorite crust!”

The new pizza is made with Domino’s signature dough stretched thin, topped with a blend of mozzarella and provolone, and then cut into “six big foldable slices.”

Domino's New York Style Pizza, foldable slice /

Look, I’m going to stop you right here. I know we’re pizza snobs here in NYC, but that’s only because we’re right and the pizza is excellent. With rare exceptions, you can walk into literally any pizza joint in the city and come out with a slice that, at worst, is “pretty good.” However… Six slices? An actual New York-style pizza is eight slices, and that’s the law. Seriously, my uncle was arrested once for trying to cut a pizza into six slices.

Regardless of the truth of that statement or not, let me just say that whenever someone like a Domino’s tries to sell me on New York Style Pizza, I am dubious. Perfectly willing to be sold on it, but given New York pizza is a singular thing that comes from New York (is it the water? Some combo of ingredients? Because we’re pretentious jerks? Who is to say?), I’m iffy on a New York pizza unless it’s handed to me from a New York pizza shop, or dragged into the subway by a rat.

Anyway, Domino's New York Style Pizza is here, and there are a few deals you can take advantage of right now. First up, you can get a large three-topping New York Style Pizza for $10.99. Next, there’s a Mix & Match Deal, where you can order two or more menu items for $6.99 each, which can include medium two-topping New York Style Pizzas. Or if you’re a Domino’s Rewards member, you can redeem 60 points for a free medium two-topping New York Style Pizza.

Just remember if you order one: 1) fold it, and 2) shout “ay, I’m walkin’ here!” like you live in Brooklyn. It’ll really sell the whole thing, trust me.

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