Dunkin’s got dad hooked up with his fave thing for Father’s Day: Points

They’ve got a point, you’ve got to be honest.
Dunkin' Vanilla Frosted Donut Iced Signature Latte & Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Dunkin' Vanilla Frosted Donut Iced Signature Latte & Chocolate Chunk Cookie /

Father’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday, June 16, 2024, and you’re running out of time to get your Dad something great. Well, if you’ve got a Dunkin’ Dad - a Dadkin, if you will - then you don’t have to worry about purchasing the perfect thing: just get him Dunkin’ rewards points.

On both Saturday and Sunday, Dunkin’ has Dad hooked up with triple points on all bulk orders of donuts and Munchkins – which includes a half dozen and a dozen donuts, and the 25 count or 50 count Munchkins orders. That’s good news for you, of course, if you’re a Dunkin’ Rewards member and want to snag Dad some sweet treats that can’t be beat that also ain’t meat (Dads love meats).

But it could be a great deal for Dad too because let’s be honest… Dad wants to buy everything, right? Sure it’s his day, but Dad’s love to treat you to things, nothing makes them happier. Actually, one thing makes Dad happier than treating you to dessert and that is the only thing in existence sweeter than donuts: points.

So here’s our suggestion. Have Dad log into his Dunkin’ account, and if he’s not already a rewards member, sign him up (you might want to reduce the text size on the phone while you’re at it). Then, make him buy some Munchkins, and thrill him with the reveal of triple points that he can spend on even more donuts. Father’s Day: made.

On the other hand, if you’re a total cheapskate and just want to get your father something sweet for his big day, Dunkin’ has an ongoing deal: $1 on their new Chocolate Chunk Cookie, now through June 30. At one buck, you can afford to buy a cookie. Hey, you’ve only got on Dad! Unless you have two, or three. All families welcome!

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