Dunkin’ has Mother’s Day deals for the Dunqueen in your life

The chain has merch and so much more.
You're A Hot Mom - Dunkin'
You're A Hot Mom - Dunkin' /

Does your Mom run on Dunkin’? If so, you’re probably going to want to head to the donut and coffee chain to snag her some sweet treats on her special day. And yes, Dunkin’ has a great deal on that – but they’ve also got some pretty hilarious merch on sale, as well.

Let’s talk food deals, first. On Mother’s Day weekend (both Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12, 2024), Dunkin’ Rewards members get 3x points on bulk donut and Munchkins orders. Per a PR rep for the brand, bulk orders are described as “½ dozen and dozen donuts, and 25 and 50ct Munchkins orders.” So snag a bunch of donuts or Munchkins for Mom and/or your Mother’s Day celebration, depending on how much your mother likes to hoard donuts.

If you can’t wait for the weekend, though, there’s a ton of merch available right now at ShopDunkin.com. Beyond your regular apparel so that Mom can get all dressed up like the Dunqueen she is (all apologies to Ben Affleck), the brand has a bunch of exclusive bumper stickers and car decals available for purchase.

The bumper stickers all run $5, while the decals are $3. The decals are your classic back of the minivan Stick Figure Fam, except in this case Mom and Dad are holding a classic Dunkin’ iced coffee, and the son and daughter stickers are holding pink frosted donuts. Uh, maybe Mom wants a donut. Did you ever think of that, Dunkin’? Rude.

Anyway, the bumper stickers are really where it’s at. Here’s what to expect from them:

  • “I’m a hot mom” (with a Dunkin’ hot coffee next to it)
  • “Iced coffee brings me joy” (with a Dunkin’ iced coffee next to it)
  • “HONK If you’re also on your way to Dunkin’” (which seems dangerous if you live in Boston)
  • “Just a Momma and her Munchkins” (with a picture of Munchkins next to it)

They also have e-gift cards available with “You’re a hot Mom” and “Just a Momma and her Munchkins” on them, so you can check that out as well.

So there you go! Fun stuff from Dunkin’. Grab Mom a dozen donuts, a box of Munchkins, some bumper stickers, and you’ve basically won Mother’s Day.

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