Dunkin’s new menu is all about S’mores and Mike’s Hot Honey

Get that campfire crackling.
Dunkin' Summer LTOs - credit: Dunkin'
Dunkin' Summer LTOs - credit: Dunkin' /

Back in May, Dunkin’ launched its Early Summer Menu featuring a surprisingly delicious Watermelon Burst donut, among other items. Well, guess what? Summer has officially arrived, and that means that it’s time for even more brand-new items to hit the menu. And the flavors are all – well, mostly all – about S’mores and Mike’s Hot Honey.

“As summer heats up, we’re excited to introduce these innovative flavors to our guests,” said Beth Turenne, Vice President of Category Management at Dunkin’ via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Whether you’re cooling down with S’mores Cold Brew, turning up the heat with our Hot Honey Breakfast Sandwich, or fueling up with a $3 Tornado Twist SPARKD’ Energy, we’re delivering the beloved tastes of summer that our customers crave.”

The theme here, if I was to guess, is all about sitting around a crackling campfire while outside in the middle of summer, sharing S’mores and… Also hot honey is hot? I don’t know, I just work here. Anyway, there’s not just an entire S’Mores collection, there are two Mike’s Hot Honey limited time offerings, as well.

Dunkin' Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich
Dunkin' Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich - credit: Dunkin' /

Before you get too excited, like I did: no, there is no Hot Honey Donut. Sadly. However, I’ll eat Hot Honey on anything, so I can’t turn down two brand-new items, a Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich, and Hot Honey Snacking Bacon. You might not be surprised to learn the Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich has egg, cheddar cheese, hot honey bacon, and more hot honey served on a brioche bun. However, they’re serving a Hot Honey Wake-Up Wrap as well, which is the same thing but served in a taco-size tortilla. And then there's Hot Honey Snacking Bacon, which is exactly what it sounds like: bacon you snack on.

Dunkin' S'mores Lineup
Dunkin' S'mores Lineup - credit: Dunkin' /

That’s Hot Honey out of the way; let’s talk S’mores. In fact, the S’mores Donut is the one returning item in the midst of all these newbies. First introduced in 2017, the S’mores Donut is filled with marshmallow filling, topped with chocolate, and S’mores topping, which is little graham cracker crumbles.

The donut is just the beginning of the S’mores fun, though. There are also two new S’Mores drinks: S’mores Cold Brew; and Bonfire S’mores Frozen Coffee. Both come with those crumbly graham cracker bits on top, and you can probably figure out what’s up with the Cold Brew… It’s Cold Brew, with vanilla marshmallow cold foam topping. As for the frozen coffee, it’s s'mores and vanilla coffee blended with ice, with a drizzle of mocha, topped with whipped cream.

Dunkin' SPARKD' Tornado Twist #2
Dunkin' SPARKD' Tornado Twist #2 - credit: Dunkin' /

Last but not least, there is one more new non-S’mores entry into the menu: a Tornado Twist SPARK’D Energy drink. Continuing the line of caffeinated juice-esque beverages, the Tornado Twist mixes together Peach Sunshine and Berry Burst, and if they don’t figure out a way to tie it into the upcoming Twisters, something has gone horribly wrong.

That said, if you do want to try a SPARK'D drink, including the new one, starting July 1 they're only $3 in the app, throughout the month of July.

All of these items are available at Dunkin’ today. And just saying, nobody is stopping you from drizzling hot honey directly on a donut.

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