Eggo gets Fully Loaded with new waffle flavors, and syrup-stashing sneakers

The brand is launching protein-infused waffles, and some shoes to tie into the launch.
Eggo Fully Loaded waffles and shoes - credit: Eggo
Eggo Fully Loaded waffles and shoes - credit: Eggo /

A month ago, Pringles launched a tie-in with Crocs, including a brand-new exclusive flavor. And now, Eggo is getting in on the action… Along with their new line of protein-packed waffles, Fully Loaded, they’re also launching two exclusive new sneakers that come with (no joke) a syrup pouch.

"From satisfying their teens' growing appetites to satisfying their teens' growing fashion obsession, parents have a lot on their plate. We're here to help them beat the chaos around what to eat and what to wear with a protein-packed collab both sneaker collectors and waffle superfans alike will be craving," said Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing for Frozen Foods at Kellanova, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "Waffles are the original inspiration for the iconic sneaker soles of today, so it made perfect sense to kick off our launch with spectacular sneaks that pay homage to this delicious history."

That’s all well and good, but let’s talk flavors. The new Fully Loaded line has 10 grams of protein per two waffles (a regular serving) while – according to the brand – not sacrificing any flavor. The two varieties are Eggo Fully Loaded Strawberry Delight, and Eggo Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Brownie.

I’ll fully admit I was slightly disappointed when it turned out that “fully loaded” neither referred to them being stuffed waffles, nor the classic 2005 Herbie reboot starring Lindsay Lohan. But you take what you get.

Eggo waffles and pancakes - credit: Eggos /

Both flavors are available in stores nationwide now, and are available in a 10-pack for a recommended sales price of $5.99 per box. But before we get to the shoes, Eggo also confirmed several other new flavors of waffles dropping this spring:

  • Eggo Cinnamon Churro Waffles that, shocker, are reportedly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, correctly channeling actual churros (and come with a recommended price of $3.59 per box)
  • Eggo Chocolate Chip Belgian Style Street Waffles, which are thaw and eat versus popping in the toaster ($5.99 per box)
  • Eggo Dark Chocolate Chip Thick and Fluffy Waffles, which are $3.99 per box and seem exactly like the Chocolatey Chip waffles my son eats nearly every day, except with dark chocolate
  • And Eggo Mixed Berry Pancakes for $3.99 per box.

On the less edible front let’s talk shoes. The Eggo Fully Loaded Kicks are a collabo with Dominic "The Surgeon" Ciambrone and SRGN, and are modeled on the new Fully Loaded flavors.

"I'm thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration with Eggo to help bring the essence of Fully Loaded Waffles onto the canvas of a sneaker," said Dominic "The Surgeon" Ciambrone, Founder and Creative Director, SRGN. "I grew up eating Eggo waffles for breakfast and throughout the years have seen how influential the waffle-grid soles have become in this industry, so I'm excited to put our own twist on this iconic brand. I hope the fans appreciate the craftsmanship that went into hand making these as much as they'll enjoy the new flavors."

Eggo Fully Loaded waffles and shoes - credit: Eggo /

Featuring “premium suede waffled leather,” and “filling inspired by each new flavor dripping down the midsole,” there’s extra cushion on the collar (to mimic waffles of course), and wildest of all a “hidden zip stash pocket for a syrup packet on the go.” This seems like an amazing idea if you want to be nicknamed “sticky feet” by your peers, but also I love it and who cares?

Unlike the waffles, you’ll only have three chances to grab these exclusive sneakers. Drops start on Friday, May 17 at Noon ET at The shoes cost $150 for a pair, while supplies last. But as a little bit of a discount back, you’ll get boxes of both flavors of Fully Loaded waffles along with the shoes. Remaining drops (again, as supplies last) will happen on subsequent Fridays at Noon ET: May 24, and May 31.

Last and certainly not least, all proceeds from the shoes will support No Kid Hungry. Meaning for every pair of shoes sold, Eggo will donate $150 to the organization, which is the equivalent of approximately 1,500 meals for kids. And not only that, they’ll also donate an additional $50,000 after May 31. That’s pretty awesome, and now you basically have to buy those shoes or you’re a bad person.

Plus, you know you want to stick some syrup in them. Isn’t that right, Sticky Feet? Ha, ha.

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