Fireball Whisky hits a hole-in-one with its Father’s Day Fire Iron golf club

You can’t use it to play golf, but you can use it to hide your Fireball.
Fireball Whisky Fire Iron - credit: Fireball
Fireball Whisky Fire Iron - credit: Fireball /

Father’s Day is heating up – literally – with the introduction of the Fire Iron, a 5 iron that secretly hides five 50ml shooters of Fireball.

“Golf is a game about shots - taking them, making them and everything in between. So, as the world’s #1 shot brand we thought we were in a unique position to caddie the game forward and towards a bit more unexpected fun on the course,” said Danny Suich, Global Brand Director for Fireball via press release provided to Guilty Eats. “We know our fans already enjoy celebrating – or mourning – their performance on the green with a birdie shot, but it can be hard to get our sweet cinnamon delight onto the course. With the Fire Iron golfers everywhere can play with fire and come out on top – regardless of what your scorecard says.”

While it looks like a golf club, and swings like a golf club, Fireball is very clear this is not a playable piece of sports equipment. It is, however, a nice way of getting a little day drunk with everyone’s favorite cinnamon whisky. And if you do play golf, it fits right into your golf bag alongside the rest of your real, playable clubs.

Along with holding the Fireball shooters – sold separately – it has Fireball’s dragon logo on the club face, and has a “sleep shaft and grip” in the same red shade as Fireball. Again, do not play golf with this, the brand is very clear about that part, mentioning as often in the press release and PR notes as possible.

Fireball Whisky Fire Iron - credit: Fireball /

If you want one of these Fire Irons, for yourself or for Dad, you’re going to have to act fast. It goes on sale on Friday, June 7 at 10 am ET – that’s today – for $24.99 at And there’s only a limited supply, so once they’re gone, they’ll be harder to find that the ball you hit into the sandtrap.

Now all we need is the reverse of this: an enormous bottle of Fireball that secretly hides tiny little golf clubs.

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