First We Feast drops new docuseries: FOOD HEROES

Head to YouTube to see First We Feast's new docuseries: FOOD HEROES.
New docuseries from First We Feast - 'FOOD HEROES.' Image Credit to First We Feast.
New docuseries from First We Feast - 'FOOD HEROES.' Image Credit to First We Feast. /

First We Feast is truly an incredible brand with so many great shows under its umbrella with the latest being FOOD HEROES.

The series focuses on different people and organizations working to make social changes. For those blazing a new trail and fighting the good fight, this new docuseries puts food at the forefront.

Thankfully, the first episode of FOOD HEROES has already dropped. The first episode focused on Down North Pizza which is a Philadelphia-based pizza joint, working to change the conversation around those who were previously incarcerated.

While the episode is less than 14 minutes, it's honestly packed full of so many great details and gives you plenty of reasons to want to head to Down North Pizza. Ultimately, this new docuseries has the chance to put the spotlight on people and places who are long deserved.

See the premiere of FOOD HEROES from First We Feast.

The mission of Down North Pizza is to give those who were incarcerated a second chance in a big way. Whether they need a job, housing or any type of assistance, it's all about giving back and making sure they have a helping hand. Not everyone would do something like that and Down North Pizza is changing the conversation.

In addition to that, the clips of the pizza looked downright mouthwatering. The brand is also giving back by introducing a limited-time pizza called the "Wake Up Everybody!" This pizza is available from Feb. 6th until the 13th. It includes shaved steak, onions, green sauce, and sliced green chilies. You can also get it with bourbon chicken if you're not a steak fan.

Whether you're near Philly or not, there is no denying Down North Pizza is making a change for the better and giving people the second chance they've been craving. Also, let's be real and say that that pizza looks mouthwatering. I'm about to book a ticket to Philly because that pizza looks like it would stick to my ribs in the best way.

If you want to learn more about Down North Pizza, you can head to their website. If you're looking for more episodes of FOOD HEROES, they will be dropping Tuesdays at 1 pm EST.

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