Free Chicken Tender Day is coming to Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers is pretty excited about their new and improved chicken tenders, so much so that they are going to give them away so you can try them.
Roy Rogers introduces its newest hot beverage, the Trailblazer Coffee
Roy Rogers introduces its newest hot beverage, the Trailblazer Coffee /

One area Roy Rogers has always had a leg up on their competition has been in the area of chicken. Unlike McDonald's or Burger King, who just offer a chicken sandwich, they actually offer fried chicken on their menu.

And not just fried chicken either. They have a wide assortment of chicken sandwiches, as well as chicken tenders and all kinds of dipping sauces. It is one of the things that the chain is best known for, in addition to their amazing Roast Beef Sandwiches and the iconic Fixings Bar.

However, Roy Rogers apparently felt that their chicken tender game needed some work because they recently announced that they had given their tenders a makeover. While many fast food chains are shrinking portion sizes while raising prices (We're looking at you McDonald's), Roy Rogers is taking the opposite approach. 

Free Chicken Tender Day will be February 6n at participating Roy Rogers.

Roy Rogers has taken their chicken tenders and gone big. Really big. They're larger and juicier than they were before, while still being hand breaded by an actual human being before being fried to perfection. 

And to help get the word out, Roy Rogers decided the best tactic was to just give them away and let the tenders speak for themselves.

On Tuesday, February 6 all participating Roy Rogers locations will be celebrating Free Chicken Tender Day. From 11 AM until 8 PM you can walk in and get two free chicken tenders as well as one dipping sauce. No app, no online ordering, just walk in and get a couple of free tenders. 

According to Jim Plamondon, Co-President of Roy Rogers, they really felt the best way to celebrate was to give the tenders away and let the food speak for itself.

"We believe our new chicken tenders will exceed our guests' expectations and deliver a truly superior product compared to our competition. Our new tenders are bigger, juicer, and tastier than ever while maintaining the quality ingredients and approach to cooking we pride ourselves on. We are willing to bet that our new tenders are the best out there, so certain, that we are celebrating this launch by inviting our Royalists to come and try for themselves for free!"

Jim Plamondon

So if you live near a Roy Rogers, get ready to enjoy some free chicken courtesy of Roy Rogers. 

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you excited to try Roy Rogers new tenders? Leave a comment below and let us kn ow or join the conversation on our Facebook and other social media pages. 

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