Get free margaritas when it rains, thanks to Cuervo’s Marg-a-Raincheck

Suddenly hoping it rains on July 4th.
Marg-a-Raincheck - credit: Cuervo
Marg-a-Raincheck - credit: Cuervo /

There’s nothing better during the summer than sitting outside on a hot day with a nice, frosty margarita. That is, until it rains, which puts a damper on the whole thing. Margaritas inside the house? No thanks!

That said, maybe you’ll change your tune on this one once you hear about Cuervo’s Marg-a-Raincheck, which is here to save the summer – financially, at least – from a sudden downpour from the heavens.

Here’s the deal… Starting July 4, 2024, aka Independence Day, and running all the way up to Labor Day, aka September 2, 2024, if it rains where you live on a weekend, you have a chance of getting a round of margaritas, on Cuervo.

If it does rain, all you have to do is head to, and upload a photo that proves it’s raining, and you might win a round of margs priced out at $50.

To get even more specific, since I’m a nerd who read through the official rules, Cuervo will hold nine drawings (one for each weekend), and randomly pick 28 winners per weekend. That’s a total of up to 252 potential winners.

And what do you actually win? $50, through your Venmo account. So technically you could spend that on something else. But assuming you wanted margaritas, that should easily cover a bottle of Cuervo, some Triple Sec, and limes. And if you’ve got sugar and water around, just make a simple syrup on you’re on, and baby, you’ve got a margarita cooking.

(Okay, just to break this down further: 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water, put it in a pot on a light simmer. Stir slowly until the sugar is fully dissolved, i.e. the water looks clear. Let it sit for 10 minutes so it cools down, then transfer to a pourable sealed container like a mason jar. Then you've got simple syrup for several weeks.)

So there you have it: summer is saved, thanks to Cuervo. Unless it doesn’t rain, in which case you’re just going to have a nice time drinking margs outside on the deck.

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