Gatorade Lightning Blast explodes into Circle K this summer

The exclusive new flavor will only be available at “America’s Thirst Stop.”
Circle K America's Thirst Stop
Circle K America's Thirst Stop /

If you’re the sort of person who likes to try every single new Gatorade flavor whenever it comes out… Well, you’re gonna want to blast on over to the ol’ Circle K, because the chain has snagged an exclusive: Lightning Blast, which presumably tastes like getting shocked by lightning. Or a fruit flavor, one of the two.

The flavor is being released in conjunction with PepsiCo, which owns the Gatorade brand, and has what the press release provided to Guilty Eats describes as a “striking silver color.” It comes in a 28 oz bottle featuring a flash of purple lightning intersecting an electrified Gatorade bolt. Which seems like a bad idea! I can say that with authority because I’ve seen Ghostbusters several times and they’re pretty adamant about not crossing the streams.

The new Gatorade isn’t the only drink based event going on at Circle K this summer, though, as they’re angling to take the title of “America’s Thirst Stop” away from the internet’s ongoing obsession with Sydney Sweeney.

Per the promotion, they’re offering 79-cent Polar Pop and Frosters all summer long.

“As America’s Thirst Stop, we want to be there for all of our customers’ needs and make it easy to cool down recharge and rehydrate as the mercury rises,” said Trey Powell, Senior Vice President, Global Merchandising at Circle K, via the press release. "With our exciting Froster and Polar Pop offerings priced at 79 cents and our exclusive Gatorade Lightning Blast flavor, we’re looking forward to bringing refreshment and fun to your adventures, wherever they may lead this summer.” 

The deal is available from May through August. And if you’re a part of the Circle K rewards program, there’s an even better deal: you can get the same things starting at 69 cents, which is pretty nice.

Circle K also notes they continue to offer MTN DEW Purple Thunder for the third year in a row, in regular and zero calorie varieties. That flavor is blackberry and plum and comes on the go in 12 or 15-count packs.

Thunder AND lightning? What’s next, Pepsi Tornado?

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