Goldfish and Bravo team up to launch an Old Bay swimming pool floatie

Sadly, the swimming pool seems to be full of regular water, not Old Bay seasoning.
Goldfish Old Bay Pool Floatie - credit: Goldfish
Goldfish Old Bay Pool Floatie - credit: Goldfish /

Want to take a swim in a swimming pool filled with Old Bay seasoning? Unfortunately, we can’t help you there. But with the return of Goldfish Old Bay Seasoned Crackers comes a chance to chill out by an actual swimming pool filled with water, featuring a Goldfish-shaped pool float.

The contest is a collaboration between Goldfish and Bravo’s Summer House, and every day starting yesterday (May 16) and running through May 20, 2024, 20 randomly selected winners will get a chance to win the pool float – which includes a lounging area, a floatie diving board, and even an area to safely stow your Goldfish snacks so they don’t get wet.

“Goldfish OLD BAY Seasoned Crackers are back by popular demand, ”said Mike Fanelli, Senior Director, Snacks Marketing - Goldfish, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “The go-to, crave-worthy summer snack that people can’t wait to get their hands on is perfect for the beach, pool days, or road trips. This year we’re excited to be kicking-off the season by bringing back the beloved flavor with the people who know how to summer best.”

Added Amanda Batula, Bravo’s Summer House housemate, “We spend a lot of time snacking in the summer house, whether it be in bed or by the pool, and everyone knows I love Goldfish. I tried OLD BAY Goldfish and it is seriously so good. The iconic Goldfish cracker paired with the bold taste of OLD BAY seasoning is perfect and I can’t wait to bring this new favorite flavor into the mix!”

While the crackers are back in stores everywhere for a limited time (and last time they went quick, so grab a bag if you find one), the contest is only online at Check it out, and if you do fill your pool with Old Bay seasoning, A) please have a doctor on hand, and B) let us know how it tasted, because yum.

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