Grubhub tastes the Fallout with limited edition Nuka-Blast Burger Meal

The delivery service has teamed up with Prime Video for a special release today only.
Grubhub Fallout Hero Image
Grubhub Fallout Hero Image /

Fallout, the TV show based on the video game based on the reality of our imminent nuclear destruction is now streaming in full on Prime Video. And if you’re bingeing your way through the well-reviewed eight-episode season, you might need some chow to complement your watch. On that front, Grubhub is here to blow up your meal routine with a tie-in burger meal available today only.

“The launch of the limited-edition Nuka-Blast Burger Meal is just one example of how we are continually providing one-of-a-kind experiences for our customers," stated Marnie Kain, Vice President of Brand at Grubhub via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "Through our ‘Tune In & Takeout’ partnership, in collaboration with Amazon Prime and Prime Video, we deliver even more relevance, value and out-of-this-world experiences to both Grubhub and Prime members, which is what Grubhub is all about."

That’s all well and good, but you probably want to know the details of the deal – and what’s in the burger. Let’s start with the food, first. Grubhub has set up a fake restaurant from the world of the show called Nuka-World Café. Residents of both New York and Los Angeles will have a chance to order the Nuka-Blast Burger Meal, which comes in a themed box with a Nuka-Blast Burger, a side of fries and Nuka-Cola Victory SPECIAL RELEASE from Jones Soda.

The burger is spicy, too, just like the apocalypse: per the press release it comes with “Calabrian chilis, fire-roasted jalapeño peppers, cayenne spices, and a specially crafted spicy dipping sauce made with ghost chili peppers.” Meanwhile, the Nuka-Cola is peach mango soda.

If you do live in one of the two above cities and want a chance to snag the meal, it’s $12 via delivery on Grubhub starting today, April 11, 2024.

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