Gushers explode back onto shelves with Watermelon and Sour Apple

Watermelon is back for the first time since 2013.
Gushers Watermelon & Sour Apple - credit: Gushers
Gushers Watermelon & Sour Apple - credit: Gushers /

Are you ready for summer to blow up in a big way? Well if not: get ready. Because Gushers is bringing back their most requested flavor, Watermelon. And not only that, it’s coming back with a brand new flavor in tow… Sour Apple.

When first introduced, Gushers came in two flavors and were called Fruit Gushers: grape, and strawberry. You probably know the snacks well, but in case not they’re like little fruit chew candies, but with some oozy sweet liquid inside. Hence the “gushers” name. They also were, and are, a perfect compliment to other Betty Crocker brands like Fruit By The Foot and the (in my opinion) far superior Fruit Roll-Ups.

That was 1991, and after eight successful years, the brand introduced Watermelon, which quickly became a fan favorite. That is until it was pulled from the line in 2013. But now, 11 years later, Watermelon Gushers are back. And not only are they back, they’re mixed in the same pouch with the brand-new Sour Apple Gushers for a mix of sweet and sour to help you while away the hours. Or, you know, work as a yummy treat for your belly.

The Gushers are headed to your local grocery store now for a suggested retail price of $4.69 for a box of six pouches, or $10.29 for a 20 count box.

Per PR from Gushers, which is honestly a dream sentence to write for any candy and snack aficionado, they suggest trying these out with TikTok trends like Cotton Candy Gushers or Candy Salads. If you’re not familiar with either trend, let me boil them down for you. To make Cotton Candy Gushers, pour liquid sour candy all over some Gushers, then crumble Cotton Candy all over them (or just pour on sugar, let’s be honest), and then shake until they’re covered, a la candy grapes. Except instead of grapes, it’s Gushers. Candy Salad, meanwhile, is a bowl of mixed candy, I don’t know why we’re pretending it’s anything else.

But if you do want to pretend, you could do worse than start with watermelons and apples for your salad. Except again, in this case, they’re Gushers.

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