Has there ever been a Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial?

Super Bowl commercials are all the rage now, but has Taco Bell ever produced one?
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If there is one thing Taco Bell is known for, it is its tasty and cheap food, but one thing that's not cheap is a Super Bowl commercial.

This year more than ever, it feels like a lot of brands are putting their money towards a Super Bowl commercial. Rightfully so, as Taylor Swift is going to be there and the game is no doubt going to have a lot more viewers than in the past.

Due to that, I wanted to look back and see if Taco Bell has ever produced a Super Bowl commercial in the past. Thankfully, it didn't take much digging as the first thing to pop up was Taco Bell's 2022 Super Bowl commercial. The 2022 version featured Doja Cat but that's not the only one the Bell has produced.

While conducting my research, I found that Taco Bell has produced a handful of Super Bowl commercials and honestly, it doesn't come as a surprise.

Taco Bell has a unique history of Super Bowl commercials.

Aside from the brand's 2022 spot, Taco Bell also released one in 2016 which was its "Bigger Than Futbol" commercial. That was in celebration of the Quesalupa which is not even on the menu anymore, ouch. Either way, I can see what the brand was going for although it didn't end up helping them that much.

Then in 2013, Taco Bell aired a Super Bowl commercial which was "Viva Young." This one focused on a group of senior citizens going out to have fun and ending the night at Taco Bell. I completely forgot about this one but it's a lot of fun. Plus it's a unique one which doesn't always happen when it comes to Super Bowl commercials.

While there have been more in the past, those are two of the more recent ones. Honestly, though, I feel like we're all wishing for the days of the Taco Bell chihuahua. We'll see if the brand ever decides to do that or at least, bring shredded chicken back.

Currently, it's unclear if Taco Bell will air a Super Bowl commercial in 2024. Right now, there isn't a huge ticket item for the brand aside from the Cravings Value Menu. With Live Mas Live going on, Taco Bell probably has its hands full.

Do you remember any of the classic Taco Bell Super Bowl commercials? Let us know!

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