Have you heard of UME Plum Liqueur?

UME Plum Liqueur
UME Plum Liqueur /

As someone who enjoys a cocktail every now and then, but isn't big on drinking beyond a casual setting, it can be easy to fall into a rut when it comes to the things I try. And yet, as a fan of sweeter drinks, I do enjoy learning more about newer brands and products. That is how I learned about UME Plum Liqueur.

I love plums and knowing that there is a plum liqueur on the market made me pretty excited. And then I was given the opportunity to try UME Plum Liqueur for myself.

My first impression of this product was definitely awe. The bottle and packaging is so nice that I didn't even want to open it. But I was curious about how it would taste and how well I could incorporate it into a cocktail or two.

UME Plum Liqueur is a delicious addition to any bar cart

UME Plum Liqueur /

I am so glad I did get to try this liqueur as it was truly amazing. The notes of plum are absolutely present but they were not the only notes you could taste. This fruity offering also offered hints of citrus, cherry, and more fruits that just give it so much depth and life.

Beyond the flavor itself, it was all about how this could be incorporated into a cocktail, since I am unlikely to just pour myself a glass of UME Plum Liqueur. And thankfully, the brand offered up a quick and easy recipe for a Midnight Spritz that made it clear that this makes a perfect addition to a cocktail.

To make the Midnight Spritz, it is as easy as:
2 ounces of the UME Plum Liqueur
2 ounces of a dry sparkling wine
Top with Soda
Optional garnish of either an orange or grapefruit slice

The drink was delicious, super easy, and made it easy to see how you can use the UME Plum Liqueur in other cocktails and drinks. While this was the only drink we have tried so far, it was definitely a winner in my book.

We can't wait to include UME in more cocktails and to share it with friends. And we would love to know how you would incorporate this plum liqueur into cocktails of your own.

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