Heart Shaped Biscuits return to Hardee's in February

Hardee's once again embrace Valentine's Day tradition and announce the impending return of Heart Shaped Biscuits to the menu.
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Hardees Introduces New 1,400 Calorie Hamburger / Erik S. Lesser/GettyImages

You can usually tell when Valentine's Day is approaching. Because much in the same way all fast food chains like Hardee's add menu items shaped like pumpkins at Halloween and trees at Christmas, suddenly food in the shape of hearts are everywhere. 

It is a tradition Hardee's fully embraced a few years ago when they first introduced their Heart Shaped Biscuits. The chain's biscuits were already pretty popular, seeing as they are made from scratch every morning and as a result have earned quite the following among the Hardee's faithful. 

But take those amazing biscuits and shape them like a heart? And offer them as part of a Valentine's Day promotion? That's how legends are made. Folks have been counting down the days until their return and we have good news to share. 

Hardee's has announced their Heart Shaped Biscuits are officially coming back beginning February 1.

Hardee's Heart Shaped Biscuits will be available nationwide until Valentine's Day. 

Starting on the first of February until Valentine's Day, the now iconic Heart Shaped Biscuits will be available for lovers of great food everywhere. And yes, they will be made from scratch every morning by a tireless member of the Hardee's staff. Just for you.

To help you celebrate the return of Heart Shaped Biscuits, Hardee's is offering a BOGO Biscuit offer in the app. You can get any combination of the Super Bacon Biscuit, Super Sausage Biscuit, Monster Biscuit or Loaded Omelet Biscuit and buy one and get the other for free. Perfect for you and your Valentine.

Users of the app can redeem the BOGO offer once a day, every day until the Heart Shaped Biscuits once again disappear on Valentine's Day, breaking hearts all over the foodie world. 

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