Just say "Hello!" To HelloFresh’s Father’s Day menu

The limited time offers from the meal kit brand are a must-have.
HelloFresh Father's Day - credit: HelloFresh
HelloFresh Father's Day - credit: HelloFresh /

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. And sure you could get Dad a tie, or some socks, or whatever other items he’s gotten a million times. But wouldn’t it be better to give Dad what he really wants: the chance to cook for everyone? Thanks to HelloFresh, that’s exactly what you can do.

If you’re not familiar, HelloFresh is a popular meal kit brand. Basically, they send you all the ingredients you need in the perfect portions to make several meals, enough to feed anywhere from a single person to a large family. And having tried HelloFresh several times, I’ll note that their portions are, indeed, very healthy. Aka, large. They’re also delicious and easy to make, even for those who are averse to cooking. All you need is some basics on hand - sugar, butter, salt, pepper, oil - and you’re good to go.

For holidays like Father’s Day, the brand adds limited time offerings that amp things up considerably. For example, the box being sent out this week includes your choice of: Grilled Garlic Steak & Herby Fingerlings; Dad’s Classic Cheeseburgers; Garlic-Cumin Grilled Chicken Sandos; or Dad’s Grilled Lemon-Chicken Caesar Salad.

You can also grab a la carte items from the HelloFresh Market, including Dad-friendly picks like: Pesto Pasta Salad Skewer Bites; Shishito Pepper Skewers; Buffalo Chicken Dip with Bread Bowl & Demi Baguette; Wings Party Bundle, Cheese Pizza & Pepperoni Pizza Bundle; Key Lime Pie; and Apple & Berry Crisp.

Though – as mentioned – I’ve used HelloFresh before, they were kind enough to send me their LTO for Mother’s Day to test out. In addition to three absolutely delicious regular recipes I tried out that kept my family stuffed all week, I was sent two of the Market items: a Brunch Bundle; and a High Tea Set.

In the Brunch Bundle was liege waffles, maple sausage, turkey sausage egg bites, and cinnamon coffee cake. In the High Tea Set was assorted macarons, strawberry swirl cheesecake, lemon berry bundt cakes, and SkinnyDipped strawberry lemonade almonds.

I kid you not, there wasn’t a stinker in the bunch. Every single thing was decadent and delicious, and my wife (aka the mother of my children) loved everything very much, so mission accomplished. In fact, the item I was most wary of – the almonds – has now become a staple around the house. They’re that darn good.

Point being, if you have a chance to get a HelloFresh LTO box, like the Father’s Day one, don’t miss out. And if you have missed out, as the window for ordering has likely passed, give Dad the next best thing: a digital gift card, so he won’t miss out the next time.

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