HelloFresh gets downright decadent for Mother’s Day with a Brunch Bundle, High Tea, and more

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HelloFresh High Tea Set
HelloFresh High Tea Set /

HelloFresh, just based on the name alone, isn’t necessarily the meal kit purveyor you would think of for drool-worthy, decadent Mother’s Day meals. But their limited-time offer kits set for delivery this week fit the bill neatly. Once you get a look at these, you won’t be saying “Hello Fresh,” you’ll be saying “Hello, nurse!”

That may be a stale Animaniacs reference, but we’re going to blast right past it and talk about what’s on offer this week to make your Mom slobber all over her plate.

As usual, they’ve got a few healthy-sounding options for the Mother’s Day Menu, including Seared Salmon & Kale Salad with Mango. But the rest are more in line with that ol’ Guilty Eats logo at the top of the page: Garlic Butter-Basted Steak & Eggs; Pesto & Walnut Panko Cavatappi; Brown Sugar & Bacon Stuffed French Toast; and My Big Fat Greek Chicken Salad, which is a chicken salad you spray down with Windex. Just kidding, don’t do that, that's dangerous.

Those all sound great, but the real highlights in my opinion are the HelloFresh Market Items for the week: a Brunch Bundle that includes “liege waffles, maple sausage, turkey sausage egg bites, cinnamon muffins”; and a High Tea Set that includes “assorted macarons, strawberry swirl cheesecake, lemon berry bundt cakes, SkinnyDipped strawberry lemonade almonds.”

Just in case you can’t decide between all these items, or get there a little too late (Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching on May 12, 2024, after all), you can snag Mama a digital gift card instead, which comes in amounts of $75, $90, $125, and $160. The brand notes that the $90 level is the most popular, and can feed four people with two meals a week. Having tried several different meal kit services including HelloFresh, I can attest that the brand has extremely healthy portions for their kits, so depending on how hungry you are you might be able to stretch it even further.

Also, do Mom a favor, and if you get the meal kit? Cook it for her. She does enough already.

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