Home Chef Family Menu x Bluey Meals review: Will this tie-in meal kit Bluey your family's mind?

The Home Chef Family Menu featuring Bluey meal kit is here... But is it worth the price?
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Home Chef x Bluey_Packaging 1.jpg / Image courtesy Home Chef

Cooking for a family isn't always easy. Food is expensive. Kids are picky. A million other reasons. Enter: the Home Chef x Bluey collaboration, which brings together easy-to-prepare family meals with your kids' total obsession, Disney+'s Bluey.

After Guilty Eats broke the news of the collab, Home Chef and Spool Marketing was kind enough to send us two of the Bluey meals to test out. As someone who has watched a lot of Bluey with my niece and nephew, this box was truly made for me.

Whether you're someone who is watching Bluey with your kids or enjoy the hit show as an adult (we won't judge!) this is a home cooking box designed for all ages -- just like Bluey. In addition, it's a family meal kit, so each meal includes 4 servings and is designed to feed an entire family.

Is the Home Chef x Bluey collab worth your dollarbucks?

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Home Chef x Bluey_Packaging 2.jpg / Image courtesy Home Chef

Let me start by saying that I am a super picky eater so tackling this meal kit already felt like a challenge... But I wanted to give it a try. That's why I decided to cook Bingo's "Not Too Spicy" Takeaway Salmon. This meal features salmon as the protein along with rice and green beans as the side. Despite not enjoying salmon in general, this particular recipe was better than expected. It's not something I'd have again, but I don't hold that against the Bluey meals... I'm just not a big seafood eater.

That said, the sauce that Home Chef paired with the salmon was delightful. Coupled with the fact that everything required very little prep, I was impressed. While I didn't love this meal, it was still tasty and made for easy leftovers the next day.

Moving onto the other meal, I ordered Bandit and Chili's Chicken Soup. Home Chef knocked it out of the park with this one. While it does take a decent amount of prep work, it is worth it because the result is just spectacular.

The soup is made with chicken, potatoes, carrots and even has a dash of lemon juice in the end. All in all, this was such a hearty meal, and one I know I'll be adding to my regular rotation. The only thing that was missing was the garlic bread in the picture. Given how popular these Bluey Meal kits are, I can imagine that things ended up getting jumbled in the order. If you have a similar issue, Home Chef has a help email and phone line available.

Regardless of missing items, these Bluey meals from Home Chef completely blew my expectations out of the water. I loved them. Looking at some of the other meals, there are plenty of amazing dishes to choose from including Turkey and Bean Chili by Chili, and Bluey's Pineapple Al Pastor-Style Tacos.

As this is the first meal kit I've tried, I was so impressed, and the food was so good. It was easy, made a ton of food ready for leftovers (or a hungry family, dogs or otherwise), and helped me get out of my comfort zone. If you're a Bluey fan or just want to try these meals, don't wait... You'll have to order by April 12th at 11:59 am CT to get your Bluey meal in time for the premiere of next week's special, "The Sign."

Bluey x Home Chef Family Menu. A. For Bluey fans, this is a winner. And if you're not a fan, you'll still be delighted with these filling meal kits.. . Bluey x Home Chef Family Menu

Will you be trying this Bluey x Home Chef collab? If so, let us know which Bluey meals you're most looking forward to trying.

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