EXCLUSIVE: ICEE gets the Funko Treatment for Project Fred

The limited-edition Funko celebrates everyone’s fave icy treat.
Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko
Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /

It’s summer. It’s hot out there. Not just hot, blazing hot. So what are you going to reach for? A nice, tall, icy… Funko? Yep, that’s right: Funko is bringing you a limited edition ICEE collectible, and Guilty Eats has your exclusive first look at the figure.

The ICEE collabo is part of Project Fred, where Funko takes their mascot Freddy, and mashes him up with iconic pop-culture brands. Previous limited releases have included Coca-Cola, Sprite, Bob’s Big Boy, and more. And now it’s the movie theater fave’s time in the sun. Or rather, time for you to get it while it lasts online.

Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /

Per Funko, the 11-inch-tall collectible is “a substantial and sophisticated addition to a premium collector’s display.” Limited to 750 vinyl figures, total, they feature Freddy with the ICEE dog printed over him. However, there’s also a one in ten chance that you’ll get a hard-to-find chase variant of the figure where Freddy is completely covered in the ICEE logo.

Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /

And either way, the ICEE Fred is only available through this launch, and Funko promises it will never be re-released; making it a true collectible for fans of advertising iconography (or Blue Raspberry ICEEs, no shade to the cherry flavor).

So how does one purchase the Project Fred ICEE collectible? It’s not cheap, I’ll tell you that. The suggested manufacturer’s retail price is $295. A raffle will open on the Project Fred site at 9:30 am PT on Thursday, June 20, 2024, and end on Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT. Once it's closed, winners of the raffle will be notified and can purchase their Project Fred ICEE at that time, with 75 of the 750 made randomly assigned as chase variants. So you’ll have to act quickly to put your name in for a chance to snag one for yourself.

Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /

You can check out the raffle link here: https://funko.runfair.com/en-US/us

And while you’re waiting, why not grab a “fun-tastic, frozen treat,” per ICEE’s tagline. Or a cool new Funko, either way.

Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /
Project Fred ICEE - credit: Funko /

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Editor's Note: The times of the raffle have been updated from an earlier version of this piece.