IHOP finds inspiration in the new movie IF for limited time menu

Bring on the color and flavor at IHOP with this new IF-inspired menu!
Shot_05_Blue-Pancakes_Banner-v2_4C.jpg / IHOP will introduce its new menu inspired by Paramount Pictures‘ IF.. Image courtesy IHOP

When it comes to delicious food, IHOP consistently delivers. After all, they are the breakfast place so many of us know and love. And what can be better than a delicious breakfast? I can’t think of anything.

In honor of the upcoming movie, IF, IHOP is channeling their inner imaginary friends and giving us an exciting menu perfect for adults and kids alike. And some of these menu items are definitely imaginative. While IF drops in theaters the weekend of May 17, patrons can head to IHOP from now through June 16 to get their hands on this imaginative menu. So what makes this menu so much fun?

The IHOP IF menu is all about creativity and whimsy

Shot_03_Menu-Inside_4c.jpg / IHOP will introduce its new menu inspired by Paramount Pictures‘ IF. Image courtesy IHOP

Here’s everything you can enjoy at IHOP inspired by the movie IF:

  • A stack of Blue’s Dazzleberry Pancakes - This stack of pancakes come with two blue raspberry flavored pancakes that are then topped with a whipped topping, a vanilla mousse, and finally one of our favorite cereals Fruity Pebbles. It’s a small stack, but it packs a lot of flavor.
  • Blue’s Dazzleberry Jr. Combo - For this combo we get one of the dazzleberry pancakes, along with a scrambled egg, a slice of bacon, and a pork sausage link. This is perfect for people with a small appetite or of course, young children.
  • Lewis’ Cinn-A-Bear Stack - Take two classic buttermilk pancakes and add a cinnamon spread, along with an icing of cream cheese, some cinnamon-sugar flavored doughnut holes, and top it with some whipped cream. And that’s exactly what you get with this delicious stack. This is definitely for the cinnamon lovers out there.
  • MagnIFicent French Toast Sandwich - According to the menu this is, “folded omelette style, egg, pork, sausage, patty, hashbrowns, American cheese, & chipotle mayo on French toast.” Then they serve this with your choice of aside plus classic syrup.
  • A Coney Island Pizza Omelette - We never would’ve thought of making an omelette that taste like a pizza, so we have to give IHOP credit for this one. This is an omelette with pork sausage, marinara sauce, green peppers, onions, a four cheese blend, and crispy pepperoni. It’s everything we expect on a pizza but in an omelette. And yes, you also get your choice of a side.
  • Blossom’s Orangesicle - We love a classic Orangesicle, so this take on one of those sounds amazing. This is a blend of vanilla syrup, lemon-lime soda, and lemonade. Then they garnish it with a whipped topping, a gummy butterfly, and of course they bring back our Fruity Pebbles.
  • Unbelieva-Blue Soda Pop - Another fun one on the menu, this is a blue raspberry syrup that has been blended with a lemon-lime soda. Then they garnish it with the iconic Original Bomb Pop, that will eventually turn your drink from blue to purple.

This entire menu is inspired by imagination and is perfect for kids and adults who love the sweet life. This may not be for everyone, but we happen to love the wide range of offerings they gave us to choose from. Because not only did they give us some sweet treats to enjoy, but they also made sure there were some savory options as well. This opens the door for more people to give this limited time a try.

We can't wait to head to the nearest IHOP to try this menu. If nothing else, we're excited to give the French toast sandwich, the dazzleberry pancakes, and the soda pop a try.

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