Is the Chizza from KFC worth the hype and the price?

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It_s Not Pizza It_s Chizza.jpg / KFC Drops Most Unexpected Menu Item Yet: the Chizza. Image courtesy KFC

When it comes to keeping us coming back for more, KFC understands the assignment. They know that we want the classics, but we also want to try new things at the same time. And one of the new things to hit the menu, is actually an item that has already made its mark internationally. (Finally, a fast food chain is bringing something to the U.S. that we have been asking for!)

As of February 26, fans of KFC can get their hands on the new Chizza! It's not pizza, nor is it quite a piece of chicken. The Chizza is really both of those things combined. But what does that mean? Well according to the description from KFC, this is a "pizza-meets-fried chicken mashup features KFC’s delicious 100% white meat Extra Crispy™ filets, zesty marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni."

Is the Chizza worth trying from KFC?

And we had the chance to try it. Honestly, going into this experience, I wasn't sure what I expected. Obviously this is piece of fried chicken with pizza toppings on top. And both of those things are delicious. But what happens when those things are combined?

The Chizza is decadent and delicious. It is a perfect blend of pizza goodness with the crispy deliciousness of KFC fried chicken. It was exactly what we expected when we first bit into it, but elevated in a way that worked. We should also note that you can get this a la carte or as a meal. So what is the price of this new offering? If you want to just snag a Chizza for $9.99 you can do that or making it a meal with a side of fries and a drink will cost you $12.99. We do have to point out that prices may vary based on location, but overall that is the base price for this menu item.

Honestly, this was a bit of a surprise because I was worried it wouldn't live up to the international hype of it all. However, it was a really tasty menu option, even if it was a bit of a mess overall. (I already struggle to eat pizza, so I should have known I was going to end up making a mess with this too.) This one actually worked, because the cheese and sauce went well with the fried chicken. Personally, I’m not a fan of the $10 price tag, but it didn’t bother me when I made it a combo. Paying $12.99 for the fries and drink with the Chizza made the most sense to me.

I definitely think this is a menu item worth trying at least once, especially if you love both pizza and fried chicken.

What do you think of the Chizza? Will you be giving this KFC item a try?

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