It's a watermelon summer with Auntie Anne's launching their own limited time watermelon offerings

Auntie Anne's Watermelon Lemonade
Auntie Anne's Watermelon Lemonade /

It looks like 2024 is going to be a watermelon summer and we are here for it. This might just be the perfect time to play "Watermelon Sugar" on repeat, now that even Auntie Anne's is getting in on the magic of this delicious melon.

Just in time for summer fun, Auntie Anne's is launching three limited-edition watermelon drinks that are now available through August 25. And these are perfect for the lemonade fans out there as well, because yes these are lemonade-based drinks.

So what exactly are the limited time offerings from Auntie Anne's? What will we be sipping on all summer long as we snack on their iconic pretzels and pretzel bites?

Auntie Anne's is ready for summer with these three new watermelon flavored drinks

Auntie Anne's Watermelon Lemonade /

The three limited time drinks for summer 2024 are:

  • The Watermelon Lemonade Frost - Take the delicious frozen lemonade from Auntie Anne's and blend it with watermelon and you have this frosty drink. And of course, it doesn't end there, as they are topping this one with whipped cream and sprinkles for an almost festive feel.
  • The Watermelon Frozen Lemonade - Similar to the Frost, this drink is described as, "a cooling combination of refreshing Watermelon and Auntie Anne’s Original Lemonade." This one seems simple enough, and is perfect for those of us who love a flavored lemonade but with an icy vibe.
  • A Watermelon Lemonade Mixer - The final watermelon flavored addition to the menu is also great for the flavored lemonade lovers, as Auntie Anne's describes this one as giving us, "Hydrating Watermelon flavor meets Auntie Anne’s Original Lemonade in an iced drink that is sure to be a hit." This one sounds just as good as the other two drinks and has ready to hit the nearest Auntie Anne's for some sips and snacks.

All three of these watermelon drinks sound amazing and like they are the perfect summer drink to sip. We can't wait to get ready for summer fun with these refreshing beverages, and if we happen to snag a pretzel or two at the same time, who can blame us?

We love Auntie Anne's, and their lemonades are no exception. These may just become a seasonal favorite and we can't wait to try them. What do you think, fellow guilty eaters? Do these watermelon-inspired drinks sound like the perfect addition to your summer routine?

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