Jack In The Box shakes up Father’s Day with 50% off shakes

Don’t shake your father, though.
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If there’s one thing Dads love, it’s a good deal. If there are two things Dads love, it’s a delicious, frosty shake. If there are three things Dads love, it’s not get shaken. So great news on all fronts, as Jack in the Box has a great deal on shakes that will not leave your father shook.

On June 16, 2024, aka Father’s Day, Jack Pack Members can get any shake or dessert 50% off, with any order of $5 or more. That’s pretty much the whole news story, so we’ll wrap it up here. Thanks, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and tell your friends!

Just kidding, we’re required to write 300 words or more, so let’s keep going with this.

Important to note that you do need to be signed up with the Jack Pack Rewards Program, and you can redeem the offer in the Jack app, or at jackinthebox.com. It’s also valid whether you’re a current Jack Pack member, or signing up just to get your Dad a cheap shake.

Is that enough words? Did I hit my word count? No? Okay, still going then, I guess.

In case you’re wondering what kind of shakes you can get at Jack in the Box, sure you can get your regular Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake or Strawberry Shake, but that’s not what Dad wants. Dad wants to get nuts. Not literally, because if you add nuts to a shake you would probably choke to death. But there are some very fun flavors beyond the basics to try.

That includes an Oreo Shake, which is pretty fun but I think we can do better than that. So how about a Vanilla Shake with Boba. Popping Boba? In a milkshake? That’s wild, man. Wild.

But the stand-out right now on the menu is the Pineapple Express Shake, a fan-favorite shake with pineapple flavors, per the name. Heck, you could flip on Pineapple Express and drink Pineapple Express shakes with your Dad, and have the best Father’s Day ever! And then Dad would look at you and say, “You met your word count, son, you can wrap this up.”

Thanks, Dad.

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