Jamie Lee Curtis left the Oscars early to hit up In-N-Out, but Paul Giamatti is the true burger king

Let's get Curtis and Giamatti to co-star in Animal Style: The In-N-Out Story.

96th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
96th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals / Sarah Morris/GettyImages

Hitting up In-N-Out after a Hollywood awards show is pretty much a tradition. Not only are - shocking news - burgers delicious, but you get that primo photo opp of you, a beautiful star, in a gorgeous dress, eating at the same place as the commoners. It’s elevated, and relatable at the same time. So who hit up In-N-Out this year? Jamie Lee Curtis – and she didn’t even wait for the ceremony to be over.

Except, and here’s the thing: Paul Giamatti may have won the burger wars.

As reported by USA Today, Curtis posted on Instagram before the ceremony was even over that she was out of there. She had been on stage to present the award for Best Supporting actress – then seemingly booked it over to In-N-Out, then over to the airport.

Said Curtis, accompanied by a picture of herself in the back of a cab: “FLY IN, GET FLUFFED AND FOLDED, PRESENT AT OSCARS, GO TO @inandout_burger, FLY AWAY,” with green checkmarks after each item noting she had finished them off. What did Curtis order? Given all the paparazzi were distracted at the Dolby Theater, we may never know exactly what she chowed down on; but we do know she completed the In-N-Out ritual.

So that might be enough to crown Curtis this year’s Burger Queen, but there’s only one true Burger King: Paul Giamatti, who was up for Best Actor for The Holdovers. The veteran thespian made waves back after the Golden Globes by showing up to In-N-Out in his tux. And it looks like he may have been secretly playing off on that with a pair of In-N-Out cufflinks hidden in his Oscars tux.

I say “may have been” because the pictures of Giamatti were shown off by a fan account called @giamattihead on X (formerly Twitter), with no credit for the original source. They also shared a picture of the cufflinks, a bowtie, and a handkerchief emblazoned with “See ya! - P.H.” a reference to Giamatti’s final line in The Holdovers.

So there you go! Unconfirmed In-N-Out cufflinks news, but we choose to believe it’s true. Giamatti and Curtis in Animal Style: The In-N-Out Story, when?

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