Jarritos gets icy with La Michoacana’s frozen paletas

Jarritos ice pops? Treat of the summer, I say!
La Michoacana Jarritos Paletas - credit: La Michoacana
La Michoacana Jarritos Paletas - credit: La Michoacana /

Two iconic brands are teaming up to transform your summer: La Michoacana is turning Jarritos, aka the best soda around, into paletas, aka ice pops. This is the first time ever Jarritos have been available as paletas, and I cannot wait to stick them in my mouth all summer long.

“Our partnership with Jarritos offers our customers something truly authentic and craveable,” said Hyder Raheem, Chief Commercial Officer at Tropicale Foods via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “The flavors of their sodas are one of a kind, and our team worked diligently to ensure we captured the essence of each - the tangy tart of the tamarind, the lush sweetness of the pineapple, the citrus of the mandarin. So that the paletas deliver both the authentic Jarritos flavor, with the delicious frozen experience of  La Michoacana. A true taste of Mexico.”

To kick things off, La Michoacana is starting the line with three iconic Jarritos flavors: Tamarindo, Mandarina, and Piña. In case you need a translation, that’s Tamarind, Mandarin, and Pineapple, but you could probably have figured that out regardless of your bilingual prowess.

Everyone has their own favorite Jarritos – I love the Grapefruit, personally – but these are three excellent flavors to start with. Particularly the Tamarindo, which is pretty much a prerequisite if you’re getting multiple bottles of Jarritos for your picnic or gathering.

What I’m most curious about is what happens when you take the soda flavors and translate them to ice pops. Will they still give you that classic Jarritos fizz? Will it replicate the experience of drinking a cold Jarritos from a glass bottle on a warm summer day? Or will it just be a, you know, delicious ice pop, which is also fine?

The pops are now available in stores everywhere, so you can check them out for yourself. Hot tip: dip one in a cup of Jarritos soda, and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer mocktail “ice cream” float.

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