Jell-O jiggles onto the churro trend with two brand-new Zero Sugar pudding cups

To be clear, one of them is mango. But the other is churro!
Jell-O Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso
Jell-O Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso /

Everything is churro “flavored” this year, from Oreos to doughnuts and beyond. So it was only a matter of time before Jell-O got in on the action. And sure enough, they’re launching two brand new flavors as pudding cups: Churro Delicioso, and Mango Sabroso.

Per Today, the two new flavors are available in stores nationwide, and the Mango one is the first “fruit-forward” cup Jell-O has ever created. And I’m all for a mango pudding, but, and I know I’m a broken record at this point: churro is not a flavor. You are selling me a cinnamon-sugar Jell-O pudding, which sounds scrumptious. But unless this is crunchy pudding and I hope to the snack gods it is not, this is not a churro flavor, because churros are defined by their texture.

Also, not to continue to be cranky here, but while Jell-O trumpets they have real cinnamon on the ingredients list, a cursory glance shows that “cinnamon” is listed tenth, after “artificial color.” So let’s pump the brakes a little bit on this being a health food or anything.

The Mago Sabroso boasts no such authenticity other than being inspired by “vibrant Hispanic flavors.” Those flavors, and again, just glancing at the ingredients list, seem to include “maltitol” and “sodium alginate,” two ingredients you can find it in any Hispanic grocer as you wander around the neighborhood.

Okay, crank off. I will eat the heck out of these. I love pudding cups, and will definitely consume a mango pudding and/or a cinnamon pudding, who am I kidding here?

You can find the puddings in two-packs in stores this month.

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