Jeni’s Punk Stargonaut ice cream line is an out-of-this-world way of celebrating the eclipse

The four flavors are on sale now -- and you can get free eclipse glasses!

Jeni's Punk Stargonaut Ice Cream - credit: Jeni's
Jeni's Punk Stargonaut Ice Cream - credit: Jeni's /

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is going full dark, no stars with their new line of ice creams celebrating the April 8th upcoming solar eclipse. Called Punk Stargonaut, the new line of four delicious-sounding treats is on sale now… And if you pre-order, you can get some sweet (no pun intended) bonus items.

Per Jeni’s press release, the flavors are supposed to evoke a “fanciful” journey through an alien landscape, which is a little different from the four-minute-long darkness that will make its way across Earth next Monday. But even though the ice cream is less than scientifically inspired, it still does sound real good.

Here’s Jeni’s breakdown of the flavors now available:

  • Nebula Berry — Brand new! A bright and bouncy ice cream that tastes tart like a blueberry and vibrant like a raspberry with a beautiful elderflower finish.
  • Cosmic Bloom — Brand new! The flavor is a tropical delicacy — citrusy like a mandarin, refreshing like a kiwi, and punchy like passion fruit.
  • Purple Star Born — Brand new! Jeni's first-ever grape ice cream! Intensely juicy with Concord grape and puckery blackcurrants.
  • Supermoon — The revival of a customer favorite! It tastes like candied violet and marshmallows — a combination reminiscent of marshmallow cereal milk.

I’ll be honest: the Supermoon, the lone returning flavor, sounds best to me as a non-fan of fruit and berries. But also, I will eat literally any ice cream, so who cares what I think?

Far more interesting to me on a personal level is Space Dust, which is now also in stores. It’s described as a “fizzy popping candy that adds another dimension to all of its flavors,” and is available as a topping in Jeni’s stores, or in take-home bags. It also looks like Rice Krispies, which is not what I would have expected. What are you playing with, you ice cream aliens?? We demand answers!

If you’re curious about the Punk Stargonaut line, it debuted in Jeni’s scoop shops last week (March 28). But you can order the collection online by April 3 and snag four pairs of “ISO-certified eclipse glasses.” Jeni’s will also be distributing their branded eclipse glasses free with purchase while supplies last.

You can also write “Jeni’s” on a piece of paper and poke a hole in it to watch the eclipse, FYI, but having the glasses is probably more fun.

And one last out-of-this-world offer from Jeni’s. On the day of the eclipse, April 8, you can get free Space Dust in the stores all day long. Presumably the topping, though they don’t specify whether you can walk out with their whole stock stuffed into a bunch of duffel bags.

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