Jimmy John’s blows up your Fourth of July meal plans with their new Firecracker lineup

[“America the Beautiful” starts playing.]
Jimmy John's Firecracker Lineup - credit: Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's Firecracker Lineup - credit: Jimmy John's /

What’s better than sitting in your backyard on the Fourth of July and watching fireworks explode? How about an explosion of flavor inside your mouth, too? And that’s exactly what Jimmy John’s is bringing with their new, limited-time-only Firecracker lineup.

The three brand-new items are a Firecracker Wrap, Firecracker Jimmy Chips, and a Confetti Cookie Sandwich. While the first two are blazing hot, the sandwich chain has managed to restrain itself from making a spicy cookie, which is probably for the best (though I 100% would have eaten one).

So what are these new items all about? Great question, my best friend in the world. The Firecracker Wrap, per the Jimmy John’s website, has turkey, salami, ghost pepper cheese (!!!), crushed Firecracker Jimmy Chips (!!!), garlic aioli, Jimmy peppers, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, oil, and vinegar, all wrapped in a red jalapeño tortilla. Between multiple layers of spice, chips, and all the fixins, this sounds like a wrap that is not for the faint of heart. And I will eat five of them.

As for the Firecracker Jimmy Chips, the site plugs they’re both “sweet and savory, with a strong kick of red pepper heat.” The Confetti Cookie Sandwich, meanwhile, looks delicious as well. It’s two sugar cookies, cream filling, and red, white, and blue sprinkles. The perfect finish to cut through the heat from your Firecracker-themed meal. In fact, if you want to try all three items Jimmy John’s has a Firecracker Feast that includes the Firecracker Wrap, a bag of Firecracker Jimmy Chips, and the Confetti Cookie Sandwich, as well as a drink.

That said, Jimmy John’s also has an extra deal for you only on July 4th. If you’re a member of the brand’s Freaky Fast Rewards, you can snag a BOGO deal on the Firecracker Wrap: buy one, get one free. Taxes and any add-ons are extra, but once you order a Firecracker Wrap in the app, you’ll unlock the BOGO deal and be able to redeem it again, in the app, or in a Jimmy John’s store.

So happy July 4th, and get ready for some fireworks in your mouth and stomach with these three awesome-sounding items!

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