Kate Spade New York has the sauce with their new Heinz inspired collection

You’re probably already wearing ketchup, so why not make it official?
Heinz x Kate Spade - credit: Kate Spade
Heinz x Kate Spade - credit: Kate Spade /

Normally, if someone tells you that you’ve got ketchup on your shirt, that’s not a good thing. But what if it’s on purpose? And what if it’s actually [Miranda Priestly voice] fashion? That’s what kate spade new york is pushing with their new capsule collection that melds Heinz – specifically Heinz ketchup – and a series of items inspired by the classic brand.

Look, I’m not going to pretend to be a fashionista here at Guilty Eats. My most frequently worn outfit is “crumbs from cookies” so it’s not like I know what I’m talking about when I try to break down a new line from kate spade. But I can confidently say that as a fan of ketchup and Heinz, this lineup brings the sauce.

The new collection ranges from the straightforward – a shirt with the Heinz logo on it – to slightly wilder items like a keychain that looks like it’s splurting ketchup, with french fries on the side. In fact, the line runs a wide array of items, including, per PR provided to Guilty Eats, “totes, pouches, small leather goods, ready to wear tees, footwear, keychains, phone cases and more, elevating all of summer’s special moments.”

Loafers - credit: Kate Spade /

It’s also all part of Heinz’s continued, Clio-award-winning ad campaign “Irrational Love,” which was launched last year. In it, Heinz pushes how people love their brand and what it stands for beyond merely using their products as condiments. And this collabo with kate spade new york continues to push that idea.

If you do love Heinz and want to get in on the kate spade action, the limited-edition items are on sale in kate spade new york stores, as well as in some department stores and wholesale locations. You can also snag the HEINZ x kate spade new york capsule collection online at katespade.com, with items ranging in price from $45 to $398.

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