Get KFC Apple Pie Poppers free for National Apple Pie Day

The delicious new snack is a great way of celebrating this pie-based holiday.
KFC Apple Pie Poppers - credit: KFC
KFC Apple Pie Poppers - credit: KFC /

What’s more American than apple pie? Actually, don’t answer that, because three different answers just entered my head, and they’re all not appropriate for an all-inclusive family blog like Guilty Eats. Instead, let’s just say “nothing” and move on the deal KFC has set up for National Apple Pie Day.

The holiday is celebrated yearly on May 13, for no explicable reason I can discover. But regardless of origin, it means today is a great day to celebrate the dessert treat. And what better way to celebrate than with KFC’s scrumptious Apple Pie Poppers?

This isn’t hyperbole, either. Back when we reviewed both the new Saucy Nuggets from KFC and the Apple Pie Poppers, we found them to be an absolutely glorious little bite of heaven, like if someone made a dessert Totino's wrapped in filo pastry. They’re the perfect little two-bite snack with a burst of apple pie filling, and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

In fact, to borrow a bit of text from that review: "Nobody is heading to KFC for dessert alone, but maybe they will after they taste the Apple Pie Poppers? This honestly might be one of the best fast-food chain desserts I’ve ever had. Even my wife, who tried one later after it was no longer warm, paused after biting and said, 'Oh, these are really good.'"

So today’s a great day to try these out, particularly as KFC is handing them out free. Or rather, if you are a KFC Rewards member, you can get a free 4-piece Apple Pie Poppers online or in the app, with any purchase of $1 or more.

A couple of caveats here… You have to redeem the offer before checking out, there’s a limit of one per account, it can’t be combined with any other offers, and most importantly it expires by 5/14/24, aka tomorrow.

So celebrate National Apple Pie Day the right way, with KFC's Apple Pie Poppers!

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