KFC has a new gravy-filled chicken quesadilla -- but only in select locations

We can only hope this tastes as good as the Taco Bell one.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant KFC / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

Have you ever had the random urge to order a quesadilla at KFC? If you have, then you're in luck. The fast food chain is testing a chicken quesadilla available in select markets before a potential nationwide release.

Specifically, the quesadilla contains "KFC's signature fried chicken, gravy, a melted three-cheese blend, toasted and served with either dipping sauce or hot sauce per a post by KFC. Currently, it is available at locations in Tennessee, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. But it is probably a good idea to check this list with all of them to see if KFC's quesadilla is in your area.

If it seems a little surprising that KFC would make something that Taco Bell is known for -- it is. Taco Bell has had its quesadillas since 2001, when it initially began as a promo item. Now, KFC is rolling out its version to gauge interest in the item.

As for this drop, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to it. Going to KFC and ordering a quesadilla doesn't feel like something that seems right. The better choice seems like going to a place known for Mexican food instead.

That said, the latest drop from the Colonel is intriguing. The key to a good quesadilla is a nice cheese blend and tasty chicken, both of which this item has. Add in the tasty gravy that usually sits on the mashed potatoes, and you have a potential winner.

Am I expecting it to hit the spot like Taco Bell? No. But I do believe it has a chance to be a novelty item on the menu that becomes a popular choice amongst customers.

If you reside in one of the areas offering the item, will you be trying a quesadilla from KFC? We can only hope it makes a nationwide appearance and it is finger-lickin' good.

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