KFC and Chrissy Teigen rebrand family meals for Mother’s Day

Give mom what she craves this week: a bucket of chicken.
KFC x Chrissy Teigen Menu
KFC x Chrissy Teigen Menu /

Hey KFC and Chrissy Teigen! Your mom called. She said: could you rename your Family meals to theme them around Mother’s Day? Respectfully? And KFC and Chrissy Teigen said “Okay, sounds good."

This week only KFC’s classic Family meal deals are getting renamed and themed around the idea of giving mom a break cooking dinner. As a father who cooks pretty much all the dinners for my family, six days a week (we order out on Fridays), I am going to not say anything about this other than “Cool sounds good, give moms a break! I agree!”

Anywho, personal issues aside, the “new” meals will be available from today, May 6, 2024, through Sunday, May 12, 2024, aka Mother’s Day. The meal deals also pass right through Día de las Madres on Friday, May 10, 2024, so you can order chicken on Friday, and then also on Sunday. You can order chicken literally whenever you want, mind you, but these two specific days seem nicely themed for these specific meal deals.

“I’ve been obsessed with KFC forever, so I’m basically drooling in anticipation of my husband ordering a KFC Mother’s Day feast,” said Chrissy Teigen via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “As much as I love cooking, I’m all about doing as little as humanly possible on Mother’s Day, so KFC’s Mother’s Day meals really match my vibe for the day.”

KFC x Chrissy Teigen Quiet Meal /

Here are the four of the 15 meals available, per the release:

“Taste of Time-off Meal” – For the Mom Who Needs Some Alone Time (and Leftovers): Treat Mom to a well-deserved day off and four pieces of our hand-breaded crispy fried chicken, two sides of mashed potatoes & gravy and two extra buttery biscuits.

“Mom Appreciation Meal” – For the Mom Who Deserves Extra Appreciation: Nothing says, “Thanks for all you do, Mom,” like the kids meal planning on Mother’s Day. Enjoy eight of our Extra Crispy™ fried chicken tenders, two large sides of your choice (options include Secret Recipe Fries, Mac & Cheese, Cole Slaw, Mashed Potatoes with or without gravy and more), four extra buttery biscuits and four dipping sauces.

“Eight Piece and Quiet Meal” – For the Mom Who Wants to Keep the Day Easy: Ah, the sound of a peaceful, stress-free meal. Music to mom’s ears. Enjoy our world-famous chicken in the KFC recipe of your choice (Original Recipe® or Extra Crispy™), two large sides and four extra buttery biscuits.

“Dad’s In Charge of Dinner Meal” – For the Mom Who Doesn’t Want to Make Another Decision Today: Don’t worry, kids. Dad’s got this. Get our 12 pc. fried chicken bucket meal in the KFC recipe of your choice, three large sides and six extra buttery biscuits.

“Our real-talk Mother’s Day menu reflects what moms really want for Mother’s Day – R&R and a finger lickin’ good meal,” added Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. “This Mother’s Day, I’m ordering the ‘Dad’s In Charge of Dinner’ 12-piece meal to celebrate the amazing moms in my family.”

In addition, if you drop a comment on KFC’s social posts about the deal explaining why your mom is the best, Teigen might give your mom a shout-out video. Unless you’re too… Chicken.

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