Kit Kat Pink Lemonade brings a sip of summer to the candy aisle

The latest limited edition flavor hits this month.
Kit Kat Pink Lemonade - credit: Kit Kat
Kit Kat Pink Lemonade - credit: Kit Kat /

In the United States, we generally think of Kit Kats as one thing: delicious chocolate-covered wafers that you break off into four pieces to eat one by one without sharing. Or two, if we’re talking fun-size Kit Kats. But in other countries, like Japan? There have been hundreds of flavors in every iteration you can imagine.

Apple? Check. Melon? You know it. Soy sauce? Cough drops? Wasabi? All real Kit Kat flavors released over in Japan.

In America, we’re not quite at “break me off a piece of that Cough Drop Flavored Kit Kat” as of yet, but we have gotten some interesting flavor innovations in the past few years that are mostly in the realm of dessert. Birthday Cake is a standard now. Mint Chocolate is also on the menu. Chocolate Frosted Donut, Raspberry Creme, Lemon Crisp, Pumpkin Pie… You get the gist. There are some flavors that push the envelope a little, but nothing on the scale of Wasabi.

Enter the boldest flavor innovation yet: Kit Kat Pink Lemonade, which is available in stores starting this month. According to PR provided to Guilty Eats, “The new KIT KAT Pink Lemonade bar is wrapped in a delightfully refreshing, white creme balanced with hints of strawberry and lemon tart, and paired with the classic, audible snap to remind fans to celebrate summer.”

Look, we’re still talking sweet(esque) flavors here, but we’re starting to get a little more interesting by channeling sweet and sour summer drinks instead of just browsing through the dessert cart. And frankly? I’m psyched. Bring on the “weird” flavors because we have been stuck in the hegemony of Milk or Dark for far too long here in America. While the rest of the world goes wild, we’re stuck with our perfectly delicious candy bars like some sort of rubes.

So, bring on the Pink Lemonade! It’s one small step towards Cough Drop Kit Kats, but we’re getting there.

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