Kraft Mac & Cheese with Fruity PEBBLES is an April Fools’ prank, but it doesn’t have to be

We’ve got some shocking news about how to make this on your own.

Kraft Mac & Cheese Fruity PEBBLES - credit: Kraft
Kraft Mac & Cheese Fruity PEBBLES - credit: Kraft /

April Fools’ Day is in full swing this year, and the brands, they are out of control. But there’s one prank that would be pretty easy to make reality, and that’s Fruity PEBBLES Kraft Mac & Cheese.

The fake launch of the product is yet another example of brands collaborating for pranks – and nothing against either company, but it seems like the sort of thing that is explicitly designed to elicit a “ahaha just kidding… Unless?” reaction that ultimately leads to the actual product coming out a year or so later.

Here’s how the “product” is described by the companies, via their PR:

“Two of your favorite nostalgic brands, Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal and Kraft Mac & Cheese have dreamed up a savory and sweet match made in heaven: Fruity PEBBLES Kraft Mac & Cheese!

Inspired by fans’ wacky Fruity PEBBLES recipes – Fruity PEBBLES pickle, anyone?! – PEBBLES has teamed up with America’s original and favorite comfort food to introduce a first-of-its-kind fruity mac & cheese featuring the flavor and colors of Fruity PEBBLES.”

So, I’ve got a secret for you: you can make your own pseudo-Fruity PEBBLES Kraft Mac & Cheese right now. All you need is some food coloring, and some fruit flavor extracts. Here’s how you do it:

1) Make your regular box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Follow the instructions. I don’t know why this is an issue to people, but I keep seeing videos on TikTok where folks are like “you’re not going to believe this, I followed the directions on the box and it tasted much better.”

2) Separate the finished Mac & Cheese into three different bowls.

3) There are three flavors of Fruity PEBBLES: Orange, Lemon, And Cherry. So see if you can find extracts with all three flavors. Of note, orange and lemon (in my experience) are pretty readily available in the baking section of your supermarket. Cherry may be harder to find.

4) Use just a few dashes of each, maybe a teaspoon. This is going to be disgusting anyway, but best not to blow out your tastebuds.

5) The much trickier part is going to be the colors. As you can see on the box you’ve got orange, green, purple and red. You’ve got the orange covered with the mac and cheese. So you’re one-fourth of the way there. You’re not going to get the neon glow of Fruity PEBBLES exactly, but take the bowl of cherry mac, add some blue food coloring, and you’ll get sort of a burnt-red cherry color.

6) Then add a lot of yellow to the Mac until it turns clearly yellow. Once it does turn yellow, you can add blue food coloring to turn it green. Sure that’s a lime color instead of lemon, but we’re working with what we got here.

7) Eat and… Enjoy?

The other option is to take some Fruity PEBBLES and mix them with Kraft Mac & Cheese. Not what the prank is selling, but again, it is what it is!

Or, you can wait a year until this (probably) becomes reality. Either way!

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