Krispy Kreme’s Tax Day Deal will allow you to write off all those doughnuts

Not really, though, please do not put this on your taxes.
Krispy Kreme Tax Day Deal
Krispy Kreme Tax Day Deal /

Let’s get real: 50% of your paycheck goes to taxes. The other 50%? Doughnuts. So if you’re stressing out about the amount of money you spent in 2023, with Tax Day looming on April 15, has Krispy Kreme got a deal for you.

On Monday April 15, the doughnut chain is “giving taxpayers an addition ‘deduction’” per a press release from the treats purveyor. The deal is pretty simple – and, not to throw Krispy Kreme under the bus – very similar to the deal they offer at least once a week anyway.

That deal? Buy either an Original Glazed dozen, or any assorted dozen doughnuts in the shop, and you’ll receive a second dozen of Original Glazed for the price of whatever the sales tax is in your state. Obviously that will vary by state, but it’s a pretty cute way of Krispy Kreme getting folks in the stores, and playing off the whole Tax Day thing at the same time. You could even snag a dozen of the new KIT KAT x Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This is a great excuse, right?

One more caveat, though. If you purchase in a shop, you can get two dozen doughnuts; in the app, only one dozen with the code TAXDAY. So to maximize your refund on Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we recommend you travel in person to your local Krispy Kreme. Heck, if the red light is on you might get handed an additional fresh-off-the-line doughnut totally free, and that is one of America’s greatest creations. It’s even better than when you find out you get money back for having kids!

This is, Krispy Kreme proudly announces, the same deal they ran last year. However, they don’t clarify that this is a doughnut refund for the previous year of spending. Also, just a related note, but don’t spend 50% of your salary on doughnuts, that’s a bad investment idea. A delicious one, mind you. But not sound financial advice.

The Krispy Kreme Tax Day deal will be good only on Monday, April 15, 2024.

KIT KAT and Krispy Kreme want to break you off a piece of that… Doughnut?. KIT KAT and Krispy Kreme want to break you off a piece of that… Doughnut?. dark. Next