Levain Bakery and Jeni’s Ice Cream are offering sweet treats for Valentine's Day

Levain Bakery and Jeni's Ice Cream have a list of sorted gifts ready for all the loved ones in your life.
Levain Bakery and Jeni's Ice Cream have a list of sorted gifts ready for all the loved ones in your life. / Scott Olson/GettyImages

It’s February and Valentine’s - Love is in the air! What’s better than treating your loved one (romantic or not) with a sweet delight? A gift that they will cherish and savor, indulging in a taste of satisfaction.

However, are you sick of boxed chocolates? And you want to try something new? Do you want something different than usual? Well, Levain Bakery and Jeni's Ice Cream have a list of gifts ready for all the loved ones in your life. You get to treat your special someone with a nice dose of tasty cookies and ice cream.

As revealed in an exclusive email to Guilty Eats, this year, the brands have the following delicious offers listed.   

  • Starting February 6th, 2024, Levain Bakery is offering Valentine’s cookie tins and cookie grams set to steal the show. 
  • You will get to avail of several love-themed ice cream collections at Jeni’s to celebrate the day of love - Valentine’s Day! 

Levain Bakery And Jeni’s Ice Cream: Exclusive Valentine’s Gift Guide

Gifts with meaning can never go wrong! TBH, they raise the bar, elevating emotional gratification and fostering a sense of being valued and belongingness. “I Love You” definitely sounds better with some ice cream and a freshly baked cookie. Thinking about what to order? Here’s your V-Day exclusive guide from Guilty Eats: 

Valentine’s Day Offerings At Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni's splendid ice cream has always been known for offering limited edition delights. Let’s help you decide one from their Valentine's Day edition this time:

  • Galentine’s Day Collection

Shower your lover with all the Frosé sorbet she could ever imagine! Order Frosé sorbet, Salty Caramel, Gooey Butter Cake, Strawberry Buttermilk, Wildberry Lavender, Brambleberry Crisp, and a Gold Traveler Bag (6 pints + Jeni’s swag collection for just $89).

  • A Date With The Couch Collection

Rather than going out, why not order in and enjoy the best “we time” with your special one? Order from flavors like - Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Blackout Chocolate Cake, Powdered Jelly Donut, Gooey Butter Cake, High Five Candy Bar, and Jeni's Alpine Sweatshirt (5-pint + Jeni’s sweatshirt collection, $99).

  • Gimme Chocolate Collection

Your cocoa wishes just got granted. Order fresh tastes of - Darkest Chocolate, Milkiest Chocolate, Boston Cream Pie, Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Flecks, Blackout Chocolate Cake and Texas Sheet Cake (6-pint collection, $68) 

Valentine’s Day Offerings At Levain Bakery   

Here is what the Valentine’s Day fresh bakes look like:

  • Cookie Grams

Send your loved one a box full of cookie treats delivered straight to their doorstep! The cost is $1 per cookie gram (not including the price of the cookie). No minimum purchase is required and if you use the LOVECOOKIE promo code you'll get $5 off every purchase.

  • Valentine’s Cookie Tins

The limited edition Valentine’s cookie tin holds Levain Bakery’s 8 of the iconic 6-ounce cookies. Such is the beauty of the cookie tins that you can store them after use for sweet memories. You can order these from levainbakery.com or pick them up from any Levain bakery location. 

Named among the US’s other iconic brands, Levain Bakery And Jeni’s Ice Cream have been winning hearts for the past 20+ years. With revolutionary ice cream flavors and fresh bakes, these have always raised the bar, offering outcomes that simply don’t exist anywhere else. So what do you think? Would you like some? Then go and grab’em! 

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