Little Caesars secret menu hacks will have you screaming "Pizza Pizza"

Little Caesars has crazy crust, pretzel crust, and so much more... But what are they hiding???
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You’re a fast food pro. You’ve eaten your way through the entire Little Caesars hot and ready menu, you’ve put every topping combo on the pies imaginable (or in them). Now, you’re ready for the next level. So you might be wondering whether, like other fast food joints, Little Caesars has a secret menu.

Well, we’ve got some bad news and then some good news on that front, in terms of the whole secret menu of it all. Short answer is “no” followed by “but you can hack the menu anyway.” So if you’re looking to shake up your Little Caesars routine (this is a pun that you’ll get later), read on for some secret menu hacks that will have you screaming “pizza pizza.” In a positive way. To be clear.

Does Little Caesars have a secret menu?

As mentioned above, Little Caesars does not have an official unofficial secret menu. There are no tried and true items you can order off-menu, like the McDonald’s birthday cake, or In-N-Out’s poorly kept secret Animal Style menu.

Most of what you can order from Little Caesars, whether it’s on the Hot-N-Ready menu, or Stuffed Crazy Crust, or everything in between is merely you playing around with the combos while ordering on the app, online, or in the store.

But, as also mentioned, that doesn’t mean that Little Caesars fans haven’t invented their own “secret” menu hacks to try.

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Little Caesars pizza menu hacks, from the experts:

A big caveat before we get into these: a lot of being able to try these secret menu hacks depends on availability on the Little Caesars menu in your area. Before you get your heart set on trying something wild, check to make sure the base ingredients are available. Because again, they’re not hiding these menu items from you - it’s just a fun way of playing around with the menu that’s already there.

Double-Decker Thin Crust: A classic Little Caesars hack… This is very much up to the discretion of the store, but they can agree to take a thin crust pizza and bake it on top of another thin crust pizza for a double-decker pie with a layer of melty goodness in the middle. You can reportedly do the same thing with other combos, like a deep dish and a regular pizza, to make more stacked pizzas. But as I have never ordered this myself, I am not sure if it’s an internet rumor, or reality.

Pizza Burrito: Another one you’ll have to probably explain in person, but you can ask Little Caesars to take your pizza and roll it up in a tube. And then you eat it like a… Burrito? Pizza tube? Anyway, another one that sounds too weird to be true, but feel free to try it yourself. You actually don’t have to bug the hard-working employees for this one, you can just roll up a pizza and eat it whenever you want at home.

Crazy Crust/Crazy Pie: The Crazy Crust, which is butter and parmesan around the crust of the pie, is one of those items that goes away for a while before coming back to great acclaim. And in fact, it’s on the Little Caesars menu as of this writing. However, according to Reddit you can actually order it at any time, since both the butter sauce and parmesan are always in stock.

And for an extra charge, you can order an entire Crazy Pie, aka take the butter sauce and parmesan and shake it over the entire pizza (see, told you that pun would get explained later). Sounds gross, sign me up!

Sauce Substitution: Another suggestion from another Reddit thread, some stores will allow you to sub the sauce on your pie for other sauces available in the store. That means instead of a tomato based pie, you could potentially get an entire buffalo sauce pie, or BBQ sauce based pie. Two caveats here: this will depend on what sauces are available at the time; and it is entirely up to the store’s discretion. You also can’t order this online, so in this case you’ll probably have to stifle your shame and ask at the store.

Alternate option: order the sauces on the side and pour them on the pizza. This is called “being too embarrassed to order this in person.”

So there you go! Four menu hacks for Little Caesars that aren’t quite a secret menu, but if you don’t tell anyone about them they’re the next best thing.

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