Long John Silver’s invites you to join their Seacret Society

It’s a loyalty program, but also an extremely good pun.
Long John Silvers Loyalty Program - credit: Long John Silvers
Long John Silvers Loyalty Program - credit: Long John Silvers /

Every brand has its own loyalty program. Usually, it’s called something like “Starbucks Rewards” or “Taco Bell Rewards” or “Burger King Rewards.” You know, creative stuff like that. And then there’s fish chain Long John Silver’s, who just launched their excellently named Seacret Society, along with a new mobile app and enhanced “customer experience.”

"The introduction of the Long John Silver's mobile app and the Seacret Society loyalty program reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction," said Nate Fowler, president at Long John Silver's via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "We always seek opportunities to improve how our customers experience and connect with our brand. Through these initiatives, we aim to express our appreciation to our loyal patrons while embracing the digital age and evolving restaurant landscape."

As part of the newly launched program, Seacret Society members will receive one free welcome gift on launch, a preselected menu item that, let’s be honest, is probably fish. However, it’s all part of the new app, which is available to catch (that’s a fish pun) on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

So, how does the Seacret Society work? Sadly, not by wandering the beach and calling a lost sea captain’s name into a conch shell. Instead, for every dollar spent on Long John Silver’s in the app, you’ll earn four coins. The coins can be redeemed for rewards including free grub, and discounts. There will also be your requisite members-only specials, offers, and more to ensure your time at sea is a whale of a tale you’ll want to tell all your landlubbing friends about.

To be ultra-clear, Long John Silver’s does not serve whale, that would be illegal. They also do not serve ill eagles, but that’s more of a company directive than a company policy. No shirt, no shoes, ill eagle, no service!

"As we continue to evolve the Seacret Society rewards program, we look forward to delighting our members with even more surprises and rewards," added Jason Antony, LJS’s director of digital marketing. "We invite seafood lovers nationwide to join the Seacret Society today and set sail on a culinary journey filled with excitement and delicious sea-prises."

Seriously, I absolutely love their devotion to turning the tide towards seaworthy puns. The new app and Seacret Society are available now.

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