McDonald's considering $5 value meal to combat inflation

Here's the latest on the proposed $5 value meal that could be arriving at your local McDonald's soon.
Fast Food Restaurant McDonald's
Fast Food Restaurant McDonald's / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

As inflation continues to sweep the nation, fast-food restaurants are one of the many aspects of daily life that have seen significant price increases. The result? Families -- and individuals -- reducing their visits to the Golden Arches, or other places of its ilk.

However, for many who fall in the lower income range or those who want to cut unnecessary costs, it means not going at all anymore, and focusing on making food at home. Which, given rising costs at supermarkets, presents challenges of its own.

That said, McDonald's is reportedly starting work on a new discounted meal deal that will hopefully provide a little relief for families strapped for cash. According to a CNBC article, sources familiar with the matter say the meal would likely contain four items: a McChicken or McDouble, a four-piece McNuggets, fries, and a drink. And all that for only $5.

In what appears to be similar to the Biggie Bag found at Wendy's, or Taco Bell's $5 Taco Discovery Box, McDonald's hopes the move will entice those holding off on further spending to return to the restaurant. They also seek to bounce back from a mixed quarterly results period that has reportedly caused frustration throughout the company.

Aside from the business aspect, the possible addition seems to be a win for the customers, as well. Although the McDonald's app has some good deals, having a consistent value deal option like this would be helpful for those who need a quick bite or a low-cost dinner choice.

While McDonald's already offers a $1 $2 $3 value menu for individual items, presumably this new $5 Value Meal would be in addition; not replacing the previous menu. Though that particular aspect of the plan is TBA, like everything else.

The reality for many is that cooking at home with a busy schedule can present challenges, which is why customers elect to go for the convenience of fast food. However, if prices continue to soar at the rates we've seen recently, more people will head to Aldi or other grocery stores.

Although still pending approval from local franchises, this could be a solution for the millions of fast-food consumers. Will you be purchasing this new value deal when it arrives? And has fast food become unjustifiably expensive?

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