McDonald's Grandma McFlurry review: A butterscotch sugar rush

I tried the McDonald's Grandma McFlurry so you don't have to!
Grandma McFlurry - credit: McDonald's
Grandma McFlurry - credit: McDonald's /

A sugar-packed McFlurry with candy and syrup? That’s going to be a big NO from mom. But when mom says no, grandma will say yes. And McDonald’s has released a new McFlurry inspired by Nana! The Grandma McFlurry is just as sweet as grandma! Well, maybe even sweeter. 

When McDonald’s teased the Grandma McFlurry, the only clues they shared about the flavor was that the new dessert included syrup and candy chunks. Now, when it comes to guilty eats, I’m all for them. But even I had my doubts about this one, folks! I mean, I’m not trying to give myself a heart attack over grandma’s sweet tooth. But I was not going to turn down the Grandma McFlurry! I at least had to try it. So, on my lunch break, I ran to my local McDonald’s. 

Since McDonald’s didn’t share any significant details about the flavor or even what the candy pieces were going to be, the guessing game commenced after the announcement dropped! But, for me, it was obvious from the start that the “mystery flavor” is butterscotch. Because is there any other candy that reminds us of Grandma more than butterscotch? Happy to report, I was right! But just because butterscotch candies and grandmas go hand-in-hand doesn’t mean butterscotch is a favorite. Or, at least, not in my book. It’s sweet and enjoyable, a treat for the taste buds, but you won’t catch me eating more than one. It's just too much.

I feel like my Grandma McFlurry was not blended well, but since this is the first time I have had it, I’m not sure if that’s just how it’s made. [Editor's Note: Mine was also not particularly blended at a different location, so perhaps this is how Grandma likes it?] I could only taste the vanilla soft serve until I moved the straw higher, which gave my tastebuds a big punch of sweetness. After mixing it myself (McDonald's does give you a spoon with this), the taste was much better. And as if that wasn’t enough sweetness, the Grandma McFlurry is topped with whipped cream and crunchy butterscotch candy chunks. 

Is the Grandma McFlurry tasty? Yes. Will it make you full for the rest of the day? Absolutely! I only had about half and felt stuffed! Would I ever get it again? Probably not. Mainly because I prefer the Oreo and M&M McFlurry flavors and don’t see myself going out of my way for the Grandma McFlurry.

Grandma gets a "B" because she's "Best" but also this dessert could be "Better.". . McDonald's Grandma McFlurry. McDonald's Grandma McFlurry. B

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