McDonald's will give you a free Big Mac... Seriously

Want a free Big Mac? McDonald's will give you one if you simply sign up for MyMcDonald's Rewards and download the app.

McDonald's expands the Big Mac line-up, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's expands the Big Mac line-up, photo provided by McDonald's /

Go to almost any fast food chain these days and odds are they will ask if you have their app and are a member of their rewards program. From Dunkin' to McDonald's it seems that everyone and their brother has an app they really, really want you to use. 

The problem is that all apps are not created equal. Some are easy to use and you can earn perks pretty fast, while other are a complicated mess to navigate and you feel like you never earn a thing despite using it all the time. 

Regardless, everyone wants you to have their app. And McDonald's is so serious about wanting you to be a member of their MyMcDonald's Rewards program and use their app that they are willing to bribe you with food. 

I kid you not. 

Get a free Big Mac from McDonald's when you register for their rewards program. 

According to the McDonald's website, all you have to do is download the McD's app and install it, join MyMcDonald's Rewards and then go to your local Golden Arches and spend $1 and boom, you get yourself a free Big Mac. Not a bad deal. 

I mean, spending a buck at McDonald's is ridiculously easy these days. Just order some french fries and just like that, the Big Mac is free. 

Plus there's the fact that earning McDonald's rewards is not as painful as it is at other places. In fact, it's pretty easy. Just go for lunch a few times and before you know it you'll be eating courtesy of Ronald McDonald. 

So go download the app, get registered and enjoy a Big Mac, an iconic fast food sandwich if ever there was one. 

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