Miller High Life’s new hot sauce tastes like your favorite dive bar

Note: do not taste your favorite dive bar, please.
Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce
Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce /

What does a dive bar taste like? Probably stale peanuts, crusty dirt, and spilled beer, right? Perhaps not the most appetizing of flavors, but there is something about that dive bar smell that reminds you of lost afternoons (and evenings) that’s fondly appealing. And that’s what Miller High Life is looking to capture with their new Dive Bar Hot Sauce, created in partnership with Chef Sam Davis-Allonce.

“We’re excited to partner with Chef Sam who knows from her own experiences in restaurant kitchens how important it is to balance heat and flavor,” said Frank Cirone, senior director of marketing for Miller High Life, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “As a favorite amongst the service industry, Miller High Life is proud to work with Chef Sam to create another unique High Life twist on a dive bar staple with a spicy sidekick that gives you a new way to taste the High Life.”

Chef Sam is from the hot sauce brand Hot N Saucy, so you know he’s not just scraping the floor of your local roadhouse and shoving it in a bottle. Instead, Chef Sam was inspired by dive bars for the ingredients in the new sauce. Per the release, here’s what to actually expect from the flavors:

  • Chipotle peppers marinated in adobo as hot as the neon signs in the window
  • Smokiness for that signature dive bar scent that lingers as much on your tongue as on your clothes
  • Lemon pepper juice that adds a sharp kick reminiscent of the house wings
  • Carrot juice for that slightly sweet, finger-licking feel that only comes with the best dive bar foods 

“The sauce is inspired by the early days of my career and the late night dive bar celebrations after long nights in the kitchen with my drink of choice - a crisp Miller High Life,” said Chef Sam. “I created this recipe as a toast to that time in my life and all the kitchen staff, bar backs and High Life lovers like me celebrating the High Life with some spice.”

Miller suggests sprinkling a little on popcorn, using it to make wings, or for a bloody mary which all sounds pretty good if you ask me. If you want to snag a bottle, it’ll be available starting April 29 at 12 pm ET for $12 from You can also enter to win a bottle at

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