Mingle Mocktails’ Sparkling Raspberry Rosé review: This would be great as a cocktail!

The female-founded line launches a new flavor for those looking for an alcohol-free alternative.
Mingle Mocktails’ Raspberry Rosé
Mingle Mocktails’ Raspberry Rosé /

I’ve always been a little dubious about mocktails. Sure, I understand the importance of having non-alcoholic alternatives. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with mixing fruit flavors with bubbles, or otherwise. But the thought that bounces around in my head whenever I see a new mocktail on sale, or on the menu is: isn’t that just juice?

Granted, it’s probably several juices or flavors mixed together. Or as mentioned, you’re mixing sparkling water – albeit with juice, as also previously mentioned. So the same problem remains, and perhaps it’s just a “my brain/branding” issue, but it’s something that has always halted me from trying mocktails, particularly when there are also cocktails available.

While Mingle Mocktails’ Sparkling Raspberry Rosé, which is now available in stores everywhere, might not completely change my mind… This is a very good mocktail.

Beyond the whole mocktail thing, this already had a few things working against it when I sat down to have a few sips of the female-focused line's latest creation. Specifically, I don’t really like raspberries. And also I’m fine with a rosé, but that’s never what I’m reaching for as well. I framed this up for my wife, who joined me in tasting, as “this is for you, not me,” because she likes all those things I definitely do not.

…And yet I ended up liking this a ton. The raspberry flavor is not strong, and mixes nicely with the rosé to create a mix that is dry, slightly sour, and thankfully not too sweet. It’s also perfectly fizzy – the bubbles are on the smaller side, but they’re pervasive without being aggressive.

If you’re a fan of hard seltzer but think it goes too hard? This is the perfect drink for you, whether you like raspberries and rosé or not.

That said? I’d go out on a limb and say I like this better as a starter for a cocktail, than simply as a mocktail. You can add your favorite spirit to this, or a dash of rosé and change your mocktail to a cocktail in an instant.

Last thing i’ll say about this beverage is it is exceedingly well designed. Like the drink itself, the can is softly pink and not too aggressive, suggesting the calm sipping experience of a rosé versus partying hard.

So will I give up my cocktails for mocktails on a daily basis? Probably not. But supplementing with Mingle Mocktails here and there? Cheers to that.

Mingle Mocktails’ Raspberry Rosé. Mingle Mocktails’ Raspberry Rosé. A-. A surprisingly subtle and tasty mocktail that can easily be changed to a cocktail, if that's what you prefer..

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Note: This product was provided for review by Mingle Mocktails.